House Rules Season One – The Queensland Battle Begins

House Rules Season One – The Queensland Battle Begins

South Australia week finished with Jane & Plinio in the tent and Jemma & Ben on top for the second week running. Tonight, we go to Amy & Sean’s house for the penultimate home renovation. Who will win this almighty battle?

The contestants arrive to the only elevated house in the competition. During the handing over of keys, Amy & Sean ask them to have fun, use a lot of aerogard and build a risky yet understated home. When they leave, the contestants tour the house.

It’s a very positive house. They’ve even written positive quotes on the wall for the contestants. Oh, and apologies. I called the SA home the smallest of the competition all last week. This house is, in fact, the smallest of the competition.

The zones are:

Zone 1: Porch, Entry & Spare Bedroom

Zone 2: Study, Hall & Bathroom

Zone 3: Master bedroom and Ensuite

Zone 4: Kitchen, Meals & Deck

Zone 5: Living Room & Undercover Laundry and Exercise Room

Jemma & Ben pick Zone 3. Carly & Leighton will be doing Zone 2. Jane & Plinio are given Zone 5. Michelle & Steve are given Zone 4, leaving Nick & Chris with Zone 1.

The house rules state that Amy & Sean want Queenslander heritage charm, a stylist modern country theme with clean lines, an industrial style kitchen with rustic warmth, wall panels and fretwork arches and a warm, positive environment.

This will be challenging!

After taking what they can, the furniture is taken away. Chester then comes along and breaks the news that the house is on a swamp, so the house needs to be lifted 700ml. The contestants help build the support beams but the professionals do the rest. It’s quite impressive to see.

Jane & Plinio move into their tent at the end of the day. The rest of the contestants begin to get their heads around the confusing rules. Another pain is the scissor lift they all have to use to access the house until the stairs are built.

Jane & Plinio begin planning out their exercise room. As it is located in the lower part of the house, they are the only contestants working on rooms without walls thus far. Meanwhile, the brothers go researching the neighbourhood for the perfect ‘Queenslander heritage’ front.

Ben & Jemma work with Steve & Michelle to divide up the kitchen, living area and master bedroom & ensuite. They bicker over the amount of space they both need. In the end, Jemma & Ben lose 400mm from their original room idea. Jemma is not happy and will blame Ben if they lose the week.

Jemma & Ben begin bickering and fighting. Michelle & Steve seem to enjoy watching it.

With all that done, demolition begins. Carly & Jemma go buy tiles. One buys tiles for a heritage room and one for a modern room. One is bound to get it correct. Back at demolition, Ben is spooked by a possum. His reaction draws comic relief for the other contestants.

Leighton meanwhile throws plaster out of a window, nipping some weatherboards and throwing them off their hinges. They look all wonky now.

Despite their previous biffs, Leighton and Carly seem to be getting along this week with Leighton praising Carly on her choice of tiles.

Jane & Plinio are already falling behind because they have ignored the upstairs living room due to concentrating on the exercise room.

The brothers begin picking their front door. They decide on a modern/ rustic door.

Jemma & Ben and Nick & Chris get into a biff when it comes to putting stuff in each other’s zones.

At the end of the episode, Jane & Plinio STILL haven’t done anything with their living room. The two think it’s been a wasted day. They are just ordering stuff for their exercise room. They better get on it!


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