MasterChef Australia Season Five – The Penultimate Battle-of-the-Sexes Challenge

MasterChef Australia Season Five – The Penultimate Battle-of-the-Sexes Challenge

Michael, Andrew, Clarissa and Noelene have already fallen victim to the Barossa Boot camp. But who else will join them for the double elimination?

For the third day, the contestants wake up. The girls continue to complain about the boys’ snoring. Also, I swear this week was implemented just so the producers could get a few shots of Daniel without a shirt. I swear him waking up shirtless features for the entire first half of the episode.

They are soon off to challenge three of Barossa Boot camp. They head to yet another winery and vineyard. Today will be seafood themed. An oyster shucker named Jim comes out to show the contestants how to shuck a dozen oysters in a minute. A prawn peeler Wendy will also show them how to prepare prawns in breakneck speed. A filleter named Daryl joins them to form a trio.

The three then show their stuff. It’s amazing. But the contestants’ reactions are a little OTT.

The first round requires each team to choose three champions, one for each element. It will be a relay which will test the contestants on speed and precision. The contestants on the losing team will cook a dish with the two least impressive dishes going into elimination tomorrow.

For the girls, Jules will be the filleter, Pip will do the oysters and Emma will do the prawns. For the boys, Kelty does the oysters, Vern does the prawns and Totem does the fish.

The relay begins with the oyster shucking. It’s Pip vs. Kelty. Pip’s hands shake like leaves. Kelty is doing very well. He presents his oysters and is told he needs to redo two. Pip presents her oysters and is cleared. Kelty is finally cleared a few seconds after.

Emma & Vern now go head to head. Vern is first to present his shrimp and is cleared. Emma is also cleared. This is head to head as we move into the final battle. It’s Totem Vs. Jules.

The pressure seems to get to Totem. Jules is doing well. Nicky begins to wish he was doing the challenge. Totem completely stuffs it up. Jules presents her fish but she has a few bones. Totem has a go at showing them his fish. He fails to present good fillets and he has no fish left. Jules presents her fish again and it’s perfect! The girls win and the boys enter round two.

They all head to the distillery for the individual cooking round. They have to cook a seafood meal in 60 minutes. Lynton struggles for inspiration while Rishi plans to make an Indian Fisherman’s Basket. Daniel is going to make a fish potato pie.

The judges are bewildered at Daniel’s apparent attempt to cook a pie in less than an hour. Lucy, who’s made a fish pie or two in the past, believes he will struggle.

Totem thinks he will be OK with his tempura prawn and dumpling dish. He doesn’t mind about losing a few men.

Kelty is doing a Singaporean Laksa. He cuts himself as the judges talk to him. We hear an emotional backstory from Lynton. Meanwhile, we see that Xavier is also doing a fisherman’s basket. The judges think he’s doing too much. He contemplates just focussing on one or two elements but decides to continue with the dish.

Fifteen minutes remain as contestants begin preparing for plate up. Totem begins sweating and sweats into his pastry. He has to start again. Kelty is now in trouble as he has no coconut milk, so he uses extract. Will it work?

The judges meanwhile scare the hell out of Lynton by picking at his idea of doing steamed flathead. Meanwhile, Totem finds it hard to steam his dumpling as he has no mechanism that can do it.

Soon, time is up and it’s time for judging.

Daniel is up first with his fish pie. Gary doesn’t think there’s any real flavour in there.

Rishi is next with his fisherman’s platter. Matt loves it, wanting more.

Nicky is next with his pan fried flathead with prawns. The judges find it very salty but Matt loves how he used everything. He is followed by Totem and his Prawn Shumai. Matt says his pastry is too rubbery. Gary thinks it’s good enough. George calls it delicious. Kelty is annoyed at that feedback, but he’s next with his Laksa.

Matt says it is too thick to be a Laksa. He says it is more of a curry but it is delicious.

Vern is next with his Prawn Parcel and Flathead fillets. George loves the parcels and the crispy prawn heads.

He is followed by Xavier and his taste plate. George doesn’t think it is good cooking.

Lynton is last with his flathead. Gary says he’s cooked the fish better than everyone else.

With all that done, it’s time to determine the two worst performers. They are… Xavier and Daniel.


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