The Block: Sky High Season Six – Candle Scandal Part 1

`With budgets tight and three rooms to deliver and work piling up what better way to help out then to throw a challenge in the works.

The teams are less than impressed but they are all attending anyway. The teams arrive at the peoples market in Collingwood. The teams each have a shipping container to run a market stall. Today’s challenge is this the teams have $3000 to buy whatever they like in home wares  as long as it sells their stalls will then open for the next two days. The teams are shocked but all money they make will go back into their budgets for the block. The team that makes the most money will get $5000 if the market stall is the most pleasing Scotty will give them three safety deposit box keys and the runner up will get two keys as well. After the contestants decide who gets what container by a chook raffle. They have four hours to stock and decorate. The twins aren’t happy about being dragged away from the block they would rather be doing their kitchen. Madi is looking forward to it while Trixie is not complain as they need the cash  and Bec and George cant style unless they know what they are selling. Matt and Kim are already on the road heading off to another market to get stock. The twins are still pissed about the challenge taking three days but they eventually get up and go shopping.

Bec and George are going to sell stuff they like while Madi is using a see it like it buy it strategy  picking up some good quality stuff. Trixie and Jhonno are after little things and making sure they have things for kids. The original idea of Trixie doing the shopping while Jhonno does the painting has been abandoned and he is helping with the shopping reluctantly. He expresses concerns that they are going slowly and won’t have time to paint but he is confident they will sell out.

The twins are shooing up a storm picking up 161 items at the salvos Madi and Jarrod are picking up the building supplies and Madi complains he is slow they continue to argue on the way back.

Everyone is back and Jarrod has started painting while Jhonno and Trixie are painting their sign in bright green they will be called floral and hardy. Matt and Kim are covering the container in newspaper. With half an hour to go the race is on to complete the design they all just mange to do it.

The challenge day is over and judging will take place tomorrow but the day is far from over back at the block Madi expected more to be done. While Trixie and Jhonno give Bec a pass to their spa as she is still struggling to cope with her mother’s death.

The next day everyone’s up early to make some progress on their rooms before heading out to the market and with the work at the block piling up most couples will split up after judging. Bec’s foot is still not ok so she will keep her foot elevated today and George will help out. With all the teams’ trades able to do most of the demolishing yesterday plaster can now go on the walls but first the site needs to be cleaned but both the rubbish chute and lift are out of action so it’s going to be a hard task. Meanwhile Matts happy with how his polished cerement walls are coming along.

It’s now time to judge the market stalls. Today the contestants will be judged by The Design Files blog owner Lucy Feagins The twins are up first with their stall Vintage Lane. Lucy says that the records on the wall really fit the vibe at the market and it sticks to a theme. She also says their stock will sell well.

Next up the Matt and Kim store matt says it will appeal to the arty demographic as they have kept things cheap. Lucy says the plywood shelving really fits in with the style of the markets.

The next shop is the level 3 shop owned and operated by Bec and George. Lucy’s advice to them is too showing the key pieces at the front but she likes the vintage styling.

Madi and Jarrod have named their stall see it like it buys it. Lucy likes the chalkboard and prices on it. Another positive is that there is lots of local product in their store.

Trixie and Johnno’s floral and hardy store is fun after having to do a high end apartment. Lucy likes the sign and it all looks good.

Now it’s time for the judging Lucy was impressed and the runners up are the sisters with their village lane store. Scotty gives them 2 keys for their effort and the winners are trixe and Jhonno who receive three keys.

With that the selling begins and all the boys return to the Block. Things get off to a good start for Bec who makes a $30 dollar sale. While Trixie and Madi struggle to get customers due to 10 people only being allowed on the platform at one time. Good news for Madi though who has made a sale. While Kim and Bec are getting lots of customers. The twins are struggling too. Trixie makes her first sale as do the twins, meanwhile at the block the rubbish chute is working again so the clean-up can continue while matt is rendering glass based cerement on the walls and a sleek polish resent on the floors. The floor has to be done in 3 step process and he will be pushing it for time. On level 5 Jhonno is concerned that it is going to rain and destroy his room so with some help he gets tarps up before it starts to rain.

At the markets bec’s dad has come down to visit and buys some candles so he can light them next to a picture of her mum. Kim over hears this and isn’t happy about it she calls matt and he considers it cheating due to them not being able to get help on the block from friends and its cheating. All other teams think its cheating but bec’s dad does pay. The twins on the other hand contact a second hand dealer to see if they can sell some of their stock. While Kim comes up with a plan also saying that the twins should buy some of their stock to get them over the line. The girls hear from the second hand dealer and by tomorrow most of their stuff will be gone.

Bec has heard about what the girls have been saying so she goes to have a chat with everyone. If everyone’s not happy she will split what they spent between all the couples. Kim thinks that’s fair and tells Bec she didn’t think she was trying to break the rules. Trixie and Madi get the same offer from Bec they both insist they don’t care which a different story is then what they told the twins. Madi tells Bec to do what her mum thinks would be best. Which Bec replies her mum would tell them to shove it? Rain has started to pelt down at the market and George has arrived he doesn’t think they should because if the situation was reversed they wouldn’t do it. Due to the poor weather everyone shuts up early. While renovations have continued on all floors Jhonno has been forced to check all windows.

At the end of the day level 3 shop has made the most money on $733 while Kim has $650 Madi made 495 the twins have $312 and Trixie has only made $187. The twins are confident there plan will work while Trixie is clearly deflated and wants to go home.