Joel Madden busted with Pot and Seal goes off

Joel Madden busted with Pot and Seal goes off

Joel Madden was busted with pot on Sunday night but no charges will be laid .

a cleaner allegedly discovered less than five grams of the drug in Madden’s room of the Darling Hotel in the Star casino at about 4.30pm on Sunday night and police were contacted. however it took them 6 hours to arrive.

Madden, who has been staying at the Darling for a few weeks, was present as police searched the room and was asked to leave the hotel immediately following the incident.  Joel has since issued  the following statement via his Twitter account.

Sunday while I was at work, a hotel employee found a small amount of marijuana in my hotel room. The police were called and responded. Sydney is my adopted home and I appreciate the way the NSW police handled the situation. The have informed me there will be no charges. I hope this didn’t cause too much drama for everyone.”


This would have been the end of the sory but Seal in defence has taken to Twitter and slammed the Australian media in a twitter tirade screen caped bellow

seal_18rfiue-18rfiun He has since apologisied for his tweets stating i  want to apologise for my rant earlier. Joel is one of my best friends and I was really hurting for him. I want to say I have loved being in Australia, I’ve loved working on The Voice and with an incredibly talented group of Australian artistsi t’s been almost 11 weeks away from my kids and me saying “I can’t wait to go home” was me missing being home with them. He posted on his twitter this Afternoon

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