MasterChef Australia Season Five – Barossa Valley Eliminations

MasterChef Australia Season Five – Barossa Valley Eliminations

There are two weeks and it is week two; so it’s only natural that the producers throw in TWO eliminations!

It’s the final day at Barossa Boot Camp. During the night, the girls finally confronted Michael and Nicky- the phantom snorers. Noelene is uber confident she will be coming back.

On the car ride there, Noelene and Clarissa enjoy an awkward conversation about sheep.

At their destination, a simple vineyard, the six line up in front of the judges who point out the fact there are four guys in elimination to two girls. The odds are- the girls will win.

In this elimination, they will cook with their problem proteins. This means the girls will cook a lamb dish, Andrew & Michael will cook chicken and Daniel & Xavier will cook a fish dish. They’ll be cooking a banquet for 20 people. They will have two and a half hours to cook.

They have a massive open pantry. Daniel and Xavier are planning to work together. Daniel is going to cook a seafood marinara while Xavier will cook a Thai green curry. Noelene will make a roast leg of lamb and roast vegetables. Clarissa seems to annoy her by asking for a lot of advice. She will be doing a rack of lamb.

Clarissa is asked to sing for the judges, which annoys Michael, Andrew and Noelene. Xavier and Daniel get into some singing, which further aggravates Michael.

Michael is cooking a spiced chicken. He uses the gumtree leaves that dress the table to use in his smoker. He has never smoked his dishes in this way.

A wasp invades Clarissa’s space. Noelene hopes it delivers her a fatal sting. She is annoyed by Clarissa’s constant noise. Meanwhile, Xavier hasn’t worked out how to balance his quantities for 20 people.

Daniel now makes some pasta however he is stressed that he won’t be able to make enough good pasta. In the end, his pasta doesn’t cook well.

The girls realise their survival in the gender war comes down to Clarissa. The non-elimination girls are giving her more support now.

Noelene wants duck fat to cook her potatoes in. She can’t find any and now she’s pissed. She breaks down in the intensity of the moment. Later on, her potatoes cook well and she regains her confidence.

Clarissa pulls her rack of lamb out and they are a bit undercooked in areas. To avoid overcooking the rest, she just leaves the lamb out hoping it will cook through.

The contestants begin plating up. Andrew is happy with what he’s plated up however he notices black stuff in his mash potato and suspects it’s come from Michael’s smoke device. He decides not to plate it. That’s a shame because Michael’s smoking device has not cooked his chicken. He only has a few minutes.

In the end, it’s time for the feast. Daniel’s marinara does not look like marinara at all. No pasta.

First up is Andrew’s Coq Au Vin and Dust Storm Chicken A La Michael. They immediately reject the chicken from Michael’s dish. It’s safe to say Michael will be going home. Andrew’s dish is praised for everything but the lack of potatoes.

Next up are the girls’ lamb dishes. The judges love both of the dishes. Gary is impressed with Clarissa but George would love some crispier potatoes. They prefer Noelene’s potatoes by a country mile. Her roast lamb leg is also a hit.

Last up are Daniel & Xavier’s fish dishes. They don’t think Xavier has produced a green curry. Daniel’s dish is a bit of a hit, but the lack of pasta is not encouraging.

To the results, and Noelene and Andrew are saved right off the bat.

Michael is then dealt his elimination dues next. With this, the boys have lost the boys vs. girls challenge. Michael leaves with a great speech. In the end, the second person going home is… Xavier.