House Rules Season One – Contestants ‘Raise The House’!

House Rules Season One – Contestants ‘Raise The House’!

It’s the week that sees the contestants raise the house…literally! But we don’t mean that in a partying kind of way…as there’ll be nothing to celebrate after tonight’s events!

Jane confirms that she and Plinio are over their loss last week and are used to the tent. They’re ready to do their best this week. But what the contestants may not be over are the hundreds of mozzies they are being attacked by! However, mozzies are not the only fauna on site.

Contestants are still using a scissor lift to enter the main house, which has been elevated due to the presence of a swamp. Downstairs in the to-be exercise room, Carolyn arrives. She gives Jane & Plinio some much-needed design ideas for the complicated room.

Jemma goes shopping, getting some negative polaroids captured by previous owners of Amy & Sean’s house developed. When she gets them developed she decides to track down the family. Back at the house, contestants begin singing Jimmy Barnes’ Working Class Man.

Ben is building a wall, but Chester is not happy with how he’s going about it. Ben has cut off some roof batons so some of the planks are hanging loosely. He hasn’t worked with timber framing and that’s not good for Steve who shares the wall with him. Steve notices that Ben is not good at taking criticism and it isn’t long before he confronts Chester. The two have a bit of a biff.

Meanwhile, Jemma finds out that there was only one previous home owner living in Amy & Sean’s house and she’s about to track them down! Back at the house, Michelle & Steve encounter problems designing and fitting their kitchen. They did not take into account a window when they planned their cabinetry. They have to get rid of it. Good idea?

Jane & Plinio are still planning their exercise room, STILL neglecting their living room. Carly & Leighton’s bathroom shares a wall with the couples’ living room. Leighton demolishes this wall and everyone gets to see how little the couple have done in the living area. It also seems as if Leighton hasn’t given them much space to deal with. Plinio and Jane are not happy. Leighton does not care.

Plinio decides not to argue and begins demolishing the living room. This leaves Jane to go shopping with Michelle. They talk about how much they’re getting on with their husbands. They say it’s nice hanging out with their husbands as if it was before they had kids.

Nick & Chris’ pivot door entry confuses Carolyn who doesn’t think such a door meets the ‘heritage’ brief. Meanwhile, Ben has overcome his fear of possums. Nick & Chris test that claim by scaring him with a fake possum. It seems he isn’t as immune to them as he thought.

Downstairs, concrete has arrived for Jane & Plinio’s exercise room. Plinio has to hurry with the steel reinforcements before he lays the concrete himself…barrow by barrow. It looks great when it’s done. And progress is also made on Nick & Chris’ stairs. It seems the contestants will no longer need the scissor lift.

The next day, there are only three days to go. Today’s biggest challenge is storing gyprock and other building items inside due to the constant threat of rain. I haven’t seen it rain on cameral all week!

Also a challenge has been to abide by the house rule of using wall panelling and fretwork in the house. Nick is using exterior wall panelling for his feature wall in the guest bedroom. He has also let Chris back on the tools after stuffing up the feature in Carly & Leighton’s house.

Meanwhile, Michelle is still confused on the house rule asking for a ‘rustic’ kitchen. In the bathroom, Ben is trying to avoid the problem of getting a grate for his shower after Plinio went through three in the last reno. He goes for a waste pipe, but with an angled floor, it can’t be done so he has to organise a grate pronto. He is able to but will it fit? Nope! He’s not impressed.

We find out that Sean & Amy prefer Plinio’s ‘matchy’ design taste to Jane’s ‘arty-farty’ design plans. That should come in handy for when Plinio rejects an odd looking circle chair Jane has found.

Nick is being very productive today, upping his inner prankster by getting Michelle & Steve to distract Ben as they drop a possum onto him. Unfortunately, he’s too angry to give a good reaction.

Jane & Michelle go up into the roof to insulate. This is good for Steve who hates heights. Unfortunately, Michelle is scared of heights too. Nick & Chris contemplate yet another possum ‘attack’ for the girls, but Chris realises you can’t scare the girls. Nick has a go by psyching out Michelle, but she gets the job done!

Jane & Plinio use late night shopping as an opportunity to get a feature wall organised, but Amy doesn’t like feature walls! And they’re not the only ones doing feature walls!

How will this go down?…


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