The Block: Sky High Season Six – CHALLENGE ends

The Block: Sky High Season Six – CHALLENGE ends

Last night’s challenge is still going, so let’s check back in before all hell breaks loose. But that’s for later… 

As a reminder, the teams each had a shipping container to run a market stall. Their stalls will then open for the next two days. The teams are shocked but all money they make will go back into their budgets for the block. The team that makes the most money will get $5000. As they were the most pleasing market stall, the twins got 2 safety deposit box keys. While winners Trixie and Johnno got 3 keys.

Before that, Bec wants to say something about her dad visiting yesterday and bringing her candles. All couples thought it was unfair but Madi and Trixie told Bec they didn’t have a problem with it to her face. After discussing it with George they have decided to split what her dad spent between the other couples. Kim doesn’t feel comfortable with that and suggests they just take it off the total sales. The twins say that people who didn’t have a problem with it actually did. Madi thinks this is aimed at her and says that she realises someone would have an unfair advantage and she didn’t care. One of the twins tells her that she didn’t say that, cue the footage, and both clearly say that’s not fair. The twins tell us that the Trixie and Madi are different around the cameras. Scotty says all teams will come up with a solution before the winners announced.

Now on to the safety deposit boxes. Trixie and Johnno pick up a gold coin from the $1800, a purse that is worth $3000 and some salt and pepper. The twins pick up $2000 and a Walkman and cassettes, which they say they are going to sell at the stall. With that done it’s time to go to the market. Before sales begin, the level 3 shop has made the most money on $733, while Kim has $650, Madi made $495, the twins have $312 and Trixie has only made $178. It is raining and the twins hope it holds up because have a plan to shift most of their stock to second hand shop dealer they were in contact with yesterday. Matt has an idea to help being the customers in – he’s giving out free lollypops on the street with promises of wholesale prices. Madi and Jarrod are giving out free hugs as the twins sell two big items for $1000. The second hand dealer has just turned up and they agree on a $1750 price with free photos. Meanwhile, Bec and George have slashed all their stock to 50% off.

All teams have caught on to what’s going on. Matt’s not sure if it’s cheating while Johnno realises they have made a bulk sale. There is only an hour left and Matt has got his builder down to buy some stuff and Bec’s not impressed. Madi and Jarrod have cleared out their container. Bec and George have decided they are not giving the teams any money after seeing some shonky selling tactics and time is up.

On the way back to The Block HQ everyone is exhausted. Now it’s time to find out what the teams have put back into their budgets and who won $5000. All up the team earned $10,270.

Below is how much each team earned individually.


MADI & JARROD $1283.00

BEC & GEORGE: 2348.00

MATT & KIM: 2815.00


This means that the twins have beaten Matt and Kim by about $150 and get an extra $5000 for their effort.  Trixie has an idea to donate their winnings to The Cancer Council on Bec and George’s behalf.

Everyone’s still worried about money troubles. Meanwhile, Madi and the twins have it out over how Madi says one thing to their faces and another thing to the cameras. Madi says the cameras were filming everything and she wasn’t any different at any stage. It’s left at that but in the cars it’s clear there is no love lost.

The divide is clearly happening on the block with the guys on level 3, 4 and 5 creating a wolf pack. Without including Matt.

Construction is well underway on the kitchens, pantries and bar with Matt and Kim. They have silhouette cabinets and ceasarstone bench tops with a timber feature wall in the pantry. The bar has a wine fridge and a 170 bottle wine rack.

The twins have used their extra cash to their advantage. They have twin ovens with matching stainless microwaves and coffee machines built in. They also have polished concrete bench tops with a 2nd sink in their island bench and a 3rd one in the pantry. The bar has been turned into a home office. They admit they have spent a lot on the kitchen. While Trixie and Johnno will have no money left after this room if they pay all their tradies.

To make matters worse they have discovered a leak and it could be costly. In their kitchen, as a centrepiece, is an island bench with an integrated dining area. Their pantry will be clean and bright while the bar has a drinks fridge and storage with a study nook as well.

Jarrod and Madi also have an island bench and have cylinder extractor fans above their cooktop. The pantry has the fridge as well as lots of storage. Their bar has turned into a laundry. The twins and Madi had it out earlier and now the twins need some gyprock sheets. When Matt comes looking for a drill bit they lend them some sheets and Madi says she is going to try and repair the relationship, unlike Trixie and Johnno who are civil to them. On level 3 George and Bec have a central island bench. They have also kept one wall free from cupboards and have a double fridge in the pantry, as well as a dedicated bar area with lots of storage.

The twins have the idea of having a vertical garden in their kitchen, thinking that no one will think of it, but Bec and George are getting one as well. Trixie and Johnno discover that their leak has occurred because the tarp wasn’t secured properly. Keith is embarrassed. It’s Trixie’s birthday tomorrow and Johnno has organised a surprise boat cruise for everyone. As night rolls in, Bec and George are discussing the laundry while Matt realises has a lot of work to do.


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