The Block Walkarounds lead to a Walkout

The Block Walkarounds lead to a Walkout

Sharon spent the night away from The Block, back home to clear her head after a very tough week. She is becoming overwhelmed and can’t see the positive in anything.

Dylan and Jenny wake up to their tiles done in their bathroom, a win for them.

Omar and Oz’s bathroom floors aren’t level with the hallway, meaning to enter you must make a step down. Added with their tiling issues, it’s a tough week for the boys.

Rachel and Ryan have a real issue with the size of their wardrobes and decide to cut the wardrobes pretty much in half.

Sharon is back on The Block, but she keeps breaking down, as Ankur tries to support her.

The Suncorp Game Changer gets locked in for Rachel and Ryan, they will deliver a vineyard, While Omar and Oz get approval for a tennis court.

Scotty and Shelley do their Friday walk arounds, this week they are checking in on everyone how they are travelling as we near the halfway mark.

When they get to Ankur and Sharon’s they don’t mince their words, with both Scotty and Shelley asking the question, do they want to be here? Shelley says she is here to help. Scotty says no one is keeping them on The Block. Ankur and Sharon take it the wrong way and they feel they were ambushed. They leave The Block in disgust. They may walk. Scotty also says they must have an attitude change.

At the Friday drinks Shelley encourages the other contestants to look after each other. Ankur and Sharon are still off The Block cooling down.


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