Witness Number 3 Review

Witness Number 3 Review

Last week, Paramount+ unveiled Witness Number 3.

Witness Number 3 tells the story of single mum Jodie (Nina Toussaint-White) who is about to go into free-fall.

Running her own hairdressing salon, Jodi momentarily glances out the window one day at work, and in that split second her life descends into freefall. What she notices seems innocent: two men walking on the opposite side of the street. So when police make an appeal, Jodie does the right thing and comes forward, believing her information to be of little consequence.

But when detectives decide to keep her identity a secret, referring to her as ‘Witness No. 2’, it quickly becomes clear why. Unwittingly, Jodie is the last person to witness a killer and his victim together before he’s murdered. With her identity kept anonymous, it’s clear there’s a lot more to the story.

Soon, Jodie’s young son Kyle gets caught in a very dangerous game of cat and mouse with a gang led by Po, a young and terrifying gang member who won’t stop harassing Jodie until he gets away with murder.

When she goes to the police, PC Ivan Barkas (Sion Daniel Young) is assigned to help her, but can he be trusted?

Witness Number 3, penned by Thomas Eccleshare, is tension-filled right from the get-go and Toussaint-White is a compelling choice of lead.

Witness Number 3 is a solid drama for crime buffs everywhere.

3 Stars

Witness Number 3 is now available to stream on Paramount+.


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