C’mon C’mon Review

C’mon C’mon Review

Last week , Paramount+ released C’mon C’mon.

When C’mon C’mon begins, we are introduced to Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix), a radio journalist who travels the country to interview kids about their lived and what they think of the future.

Johnny is single and seems content to stay that way. Focused on work, Johnny gets a call from his sister Viv (Gaby Hoffman), who he’s estranged from following the death of their mother. In the grips of dealing with her husband’s mental instability, she asks Johnny to look after his nephew Jesse (Woody Norman).

Johnny is thrown in the deep end as the pair try to find a common ground. How will this experience shape both of them?

Written and directed by Mike Mills, this film is an exploration of human relationships, with a cast that gives subtle and measured performances all round.

It’s quite an achievement that must be added to your watch sit immediately.

4.5 Stars

C’mon C’mon is now available t stream on Paramount+.


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