The Block Sky High the final 2 days are upon us

The Block Sky High the final 2 days are upon us

It’s been a hectic few weeks will all the work be completed.

Everyone is working in such small spaces and the twins are feeling trapped with everyone going in their spaces. Madi and Jarrod are on a roll but there’s still a lot to do.

Bec and George have made their own chandelier and a copper cladding wall. George wants to paint the ceiling but before he can do that Bec insists that all cords are neat and tidy even stopping Jhonno and Jarrod finishing their tasks. Jhonno is working on a special wall but the hole is too big for the pole. Matt has some free time so he agrees to help render the outside of the block but he’s acrylic looks a little blue but apparently it dries black.

In the north side courtyard Jarrod is building a curved bench seat. In the living room Trixie is planning a mural. In the Southside garden the soil that has been delivered was spilled onto the footpath which is not allowed so they quickly try to clean it off. Alisa and Lysandra aren’t happy with their kitchen cupboards and the sink. The concreter has arrived in the lounge room as they get to work on the abstract mural. The twins try to change their cupboards but can’t this is the least of their problem. They also have to change the lights for the feature in the kitchen they do it without a problem.

As a new day dawns everyone is excited as it is the last full day of work on the Block. They are all given a hot breakfast and a coffee. All hands on deck as murals are painted and lights are hung. The render has turned into the black. Bec’s celling is a different colour then the twins who painted theirs last. The twins say not to stress. In the courtyard Matt is a little unhappy that Madi and Jarrod used voucher to save some cash and use it all on the garden.

The rooms will be judged tomorrow so Scotty and shelly come to inspect the block. They visit matt and Kim first. They say it looks fantastic, they decided on the concept because their area gets no direct sunlight. They also discuss matt’s weight loss, he has lost 11kg. The girls kitchen is loved and they can’t wait to go home they love the lighting also. Bec and George’s chandelier light and the feature wall. Scotty tells them they can’t have to separate ceilings. Scotty recommends changing it so they have a shot at getting some money. Bec insists she’s not painting it. In the north side courtyard Jarrod and Madi have a fire pit going in Scotty wishes them luck.

As the concrete is being polished Jhonno has a chance to use his gift from Trixie which is a skydive. He is nervous but manages to complete it and he is excited by it. Back at the block the celling still hasn’t reached a resolution just yet. Lysandra offers to paint the celling after they reach an agreement that the paints not semi-gloss.

After the huge day Bec is celebrating by turning on their chandelier. Keith is concerned about Madi and Jarrod not finishing on time. The episode ends with everyone reminiscing about the block as the viewer is shown the last 11 weeks in fast motion. Everyone doesn’t want to leave





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