MasterChef Australia Season Five – The Immunity Pin Holder & Returnee Are Revealed!

We’ve been waiting for this moment- a returning contestant! Oh, JOY! But also, one of the ten remaining contestants will also win an immunity pin. It’s an episode packed with reward.

The four remaining couples return for the final day. There’s a pyramid of butter sitting behind them! The challenge today is an invention test. On either side of the pyramid are ingredients that are sweet and savoury. One member of each team will have to cook a sweet dish while the other has to cook a savoury dish in 90 minutes that incorporates butter as its hero.

For Liliana and Lynton, Lynton cooks sweet with a banana cream pie. Liliana is going to do a savoury butternut pumpkin tortelloni. Neha is doing a butter Tuscan tart in her team while Xavier does the savoury dish with eye fillet steak and a buttery mash. Rishi is doing a butter chicken for his savoury dish, but he’s using quail. Samira on the other hand is doing a batlawa but with a biscuit crumb. Vern & Nicky are the final couple. Vern is doing some duck-inspired dish. Nicky is making a buttermilk panna cotta.

Samira decides to add an interesting component to her dish- mahalabia. It’s a Middle Eastern custard. Meanwhile, with only 40 minutes left, Lynton gets his puff pastry into the oven. Is it too late? Time will tell.

Luckily, Nicky’s panna cotta is setting. Or is it? Matt isn’t so sure it will work. Rishi is making Naam bread but it isn’t colouring up. Not a good sign. Xavier is making some hollandaise sauce. Will it be a third problem brewing in the MC kitchen?

Back to Lynton and his puff pastry is not the right colour. The pastry is falling apart, as is Liliana’s chance of getting back in this competition.

It’s now time to plate up but Samira’s custard has set too hard and it won’t come out of its shell. She ends up scooping it out with teaspoons! Soon though, time is up!

Nicky and Vern’s dishes are first for tasting. The duck breast is first in line. The judges love it and call it clever cooking. Nicky’s panna cotta meanwhile is very runny.

Lynton and Liliana are next. They love Liliana’s Prawn and tortelloni dish and admits it is good enough to get her back into the competition. Lynton’s puff pastry clearly hasn’t cooked right and the bananas have gone woody. George will not comment on it.

Rishi and Samira are third. George calls it a clever use of butter and the only thing wrong with the dish is the naam bread! Samira’s batlawa is the first dessert of the night to actually gain a positive comment. And the positive comments keep coming! It’s delicious!

Neha and Xavier are last with their dishes. Xavier’s steak is cooked beautifully but the mashed potato is weird. The hollandaise sauce doesn’t fit with the dish. George doesn’t think the dish was risky enough but it isn’t a bad dish. Neha’s dessert is really good. Gary thinks it’s a good idea and it’s been cooked perfectly. Neha is crying. Oh, jeez.

It’s now time for the result! Who will be getting back into the competition and who will win an immunity pin?

Lynton and Liliana are eliminated straight off the bat. Vern and Nicky are eliminated soon after. So either Xavier or Samira will be getting back in and either Rishi or Neha will be getting an immunity pin!



So, basically, the game resets to what it was a week ago…just with an extra immunity pin!


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