The Block Sky High the Contestants Turn estate agents

The Block Sky High the Contestants Turn estate agents

It was bound to happen the blockheads have one final challenge.

Last night shelly called all contestants to the boardroom to give them this week challenge. They need to create a short video explaining why their apartments are the best on the block. They had 24 hours to do the script now it’s time to be judged by john McGrath who is judging them on their selling skills and not their reno ones.

The winners will receive 5000 in framed cash that will hang in the apartment the auctioneer will be able to refer to it in the final moments of the bidding as an incisive for people to buy. First up to be judge is Alisa and Lysandra they have a problem of it only being a minute. The twins are methodically in their planning on shooting but it’s not the easiest thing to do and they end up in an argument. However the finished product focus on the positives the judges praised them for through the season like the winning rooms and how it has all the latest mod coms and functionality. John calls it a great start however he wouldn’t mention the amount of effort they put into it as the buyer can’t relate.

Matt and Kim wanted to make a video that standouts. Due to time constraints they struggled to get everything they wanted. They give a walk through describing each room. John loved it and praises the music and how it appeals to the younger market.

Bec and George struggled with the ideas to make theirs different. They eventually go with just being themselves and focusing on the things they love. Like the kitchen and the bathroom. John liked that they differentiated themselves.

Madi and Jarrod thought it was going to be a breeze but with 2 hours to film a 1 minute video they struggle with lines and timing issues.  The objective of their video is to encapsulate the views of south Melbourne. In the editing suite they think they missed some important details but are happy.

In their video they mention the star rating and the rooms. They also reference the automation things. John loves they mentioned the size and lifestyle opportunities.

Last up is Trixie and Jhonno they struggle to film things and they are even out of their depth in the edit sweet. They walk through the apartment. Focusing on the floor heating and rooms. John loved most things mentioned but would have mentioned the penthouse earlier.

In the end Bec and George win because they showed their point of difference from the other couples