MasterChef Australia Season Five – Hot Dog! It’s Another Elimination!

Tonight, the final TEN will be decided…and it all comes down to one hot dog! Who will be able to beat the pressure and get in to that prestigious milestone?

Christina, Kelty, Samira, Noelene, Rishi and Vern are in elimination today after losing yesterday’s Club Sandwich challenge. They will be taking the Pressure Test created by Daniel Wilson! The dish is…well, as I’ve said, a hot dog. But, this is MasterChef- so it’s not any ordinary hot dog. The bun is a smocked pork-fat brioche while the hot dog itself is made out of caramel-glazed bacon. It is seasoned with a cucumber pickle, pork crackling and so many different components. Even the mustard and ketchup sound hard to make.

Samira is happy to cook with pork. She will not be able to taste it. After the rest taste test, they head to their benches for a 2-hour cook-off! Sounds like a long time? The bread itself almost takes 2 hours to cook! They’ll be panicking.

The complicated recipe already confuses Kelty and Christina and freaks out Samira. Vern at least seems to be on the right track…until he blends the wrong pork. Oh, dear! Christina has put a picture of her family on the bench. Sweet- but considering the fact she breaks down over it- maybe not a good idea?

After initial hurdles, the contestants seem to get on the right page. Samira is actually doing really well. And it seems Christina’s picture wasn’t a bad idea after all- she gets her fire back and she looks to be in the best shape! There’s still an hour to go, though.

Samira now puts her dough, which she should put in the oven, on the microwave at room temperature. It doesn’t take a genius to realise this will end up being a big mistake! Meanwhile, Kelty can’t seem to pipe his sausages well!

This Danny guy is great in giving out helpful instructions. It seems though that no amount of instructions will help Noelene who won’t pick up the pace! Meanwhile, Samira hits a snag when she realises she forgot to egg wash her dough. Oh, no! It ends up looking like flat, dense bread!

Coming to the end of the challenge- Rishi thinks he is safe. Noelene is in a mad rush. Everyone finishes in time as the challenge comes to an end. Time for tasting.

Christina is first. George calls it a great effort and Gary praises the flavour. Matt says the dish confirms that she deserves to be in the competition.

Kelty is next. He has four hot dogs but not all the elements. Why didn’t you just make one?!?! Gary likes the brioche and the consistency of the sausages. He does notice the missing elements and tells him it changes how they taste the hot dogs.

Samira is next. Matt is impressed with her work on the pork elements. He doesn’t like the brioche and the overall presentation is slammed.

Rishi is fourth. His looks the best so far. All the elements are there, which is great. Nothing really negative as George claims he could eat it from start to finish.

Vern is next. Gary loves the pickle and the crackle. George loves the flavour of the sausage but would like more sauce and calls the brioche a disaster.

Last is Noelene. Here we go! Matt calls the construction rubbish but the flavours brilliant. George doesn’t know how to judge the ‘deconstructed’ hot dog.

In the end, he judges it well as the contestant going home is… Samira!

And with that, Rishi, Christina, Vern, Noelene and Kelty join Daniel, Lucy, Neha, Lynton and Emma in the final ten.