Jessica Marais Grabs Role In Disney Film Planes

The Lovable Jessica Marais has scored a film role well an animated one.

Ms Marais will voice a role in the new Disney animated film Planes and her character has been modeled on a Qantas plane  Rochelle, a confident and capable Australian plane who started running mail to small towns in Tasmania and now wants to race in the big league.

Rochelle is described as “a tough racer and the pride of the Wellington Range. Always confident and capable, she got her start running mail to small towns in Tasmania. Rochelle developed a knack for fast travel that ultimately inspired her to give air racing a try. She is relentlessly pursued by charmer El Chupacabra, but steadfast Rochelle is much too focused on winning the race to return his affections.”

Jessica Marais rose to fame as Rachel Rafter on the Australian drama Packed to the Rafters and can now  be seen on Magic City

Planes opens in cinemas on September 19