ANH DOES BRITAIN timeslot announced

ANH DOES BRITAIN timeslot announced

Anh Do traveled through  Vietnam and was rewarded with high ratings but Will he do the same in Great Britain?

Stepping foot on British soil for the first time, Anh sets out to uncover the more unique aspects of the nation and its people in the two-part series, ANH DOES BRITAIN, starting next Tuesday at 7.30pm on Seven.

From meeting the world record holder for pulling an ugly face and some parallel parking masters, to trying Parkour, cheese rolling, bore surfing, toe wrestling and the world‟s hottest curry –

when Anh does Britain you can expect the unexpected.
“Whenever I visit other cultures I love to „have a go‟ myself, but Britain really tested my resolve,” said Anh.
“There‟s a sport called Stinging Nettle Eating. The Stinging Nettle is a nasty weed that does what its name promises and for some reason every year, a bunch of Brits congregate in a famous pub to eat dangerous amounts of this torturous weed. I met the current world champion and I asked him, „What‟s the worst part?‟ He said, „When it comes out the other end.‟ He was right.”

Anh describes the new series as a celebration of the British people‟s wonderful sense of humour.

“I think Brits with better weather would turn into Aussies. We‟re very much alike. We both like to take the mickey out of ourselves and we both like to have a beer and a laugh. I found them to be much more optimistic than the „whinging Pom‟ stereotype had led me to expect.”

ANH DOES BRITAIN premieres Tuesday July 23 at 7.30pm on Seven.

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