The Block Sky High Terrace week begins

The Block Sky High Terrace  week begins

The twins won the foyer and guest bedroom week and not everyone was impressed.

On the way back to The Block Bec is still not happy and she doesn’t want to do the inspection but it’s compulsory.

First up to be judged is the twins matt and Kim call it nice Bec notices that there is a lot of storage. Trixie thinks that a foyer needs more then storage while Madi and Jarrod notice the finishes aren’t a good quality to the laundry Bec loves the storage the iron cupboard gets a mixed reaction

Matt and Kim are next to being judged. Bec and George call the artwork a representation of their week 1 room. The twins think the artwork is cool but their unsure if they like it. They do however like the lighting while Trixie and Jhonno call it chunderous. In the laundry the bathroom is called spacious

Bec and gorge Madi says it feels like hotel the twins have a mixed reaction to the wall but love most of the room. While all teams love the artwork. Trixie loves the laundry matt calls the best in terms of layout.

Madi and Jarrod’s feature wall was loved by all the contestants as is the bathroom.

At Trixie and Johnno’s gorge loves the rug while matt thinks they need to loosen up a bit about the pole. Madi calls the laundry more like a bathroom. Matt thinks that Trixie and Jhonno should have won and they should still come second with the twins 3rd

As a new week opens on the block morale is low on level 5 with absolutely no money. They aren’t the only ones with Bec and George also really not looking forward to this week at all.

This week the teams will be doing the terrace and fixing up a room the judges didn’t like they will all receive $5000 to do the rooms the judges disliked the most. Alisa and Lysandra are doing bedroom number 1, matt and Kim are off to fix up their crime scene room , Bec and George are off to the study Madi and Jarrod are off to their foyer while Trixie and Jhonno complete their dressing room.

With this being the last week of the interior renovation of The Block the teams will play for a holiday to Lizard Island. Everyone’s broke except for the twins so they are feeling a little deflated.

It’s going to be a big week for Keith with rules and regulations to adhere too before work can begin. It’s while visiting Bec that we see things are really tough for her. She has no idea what to do her creative juices aren’t flowing and Keith gives them some advice.

All levels will have glass louvers in there terraces with level 1’s windows already being pre bricked. They also have the idea of getting water to their terrace it’s a huge job but Keith gives them the ok.

With windows going in soon the block contestants will be locked out so everyone’s in a rush to get all Martials into the apartment. Matt and Kim are moving their plaster sheeting. On level 3 the prep talk from Keith seems to have worked with the ideas now flowing. They split the room into 3 sections BBQ DINING and living they are going to put mirror to reflect the city views.

Trixie’s secret weapon is an indoor garden encased in glass. They will have a timber wall with a smart TV in front of it

With today being a no tools day on the block all teams get a message from Scotty to meet him in different departments of MYER. All teams are called to the shop front windows. Scotty and shelly set a challenge for the contestants to transform a shop window into a little piece of their own home town within 7 hours  They are advised to make it comfortable because tomorrow they will be spending the day in them. The teams can win a total of $10000.

George and Bec think AFL is part of Melbourne and paint street sings and they are going to use a street artist to paint that all on their wall. Madi and Jarrod think a beach theme. Matt and Kim are thinking kids and the circus. The twins are having the same idea. Trixie and Jhonno are drawing a blank. So they go shopping for ideas. They end up going for a BBQ theme with Bogans.

Matt and Kim are looking for a popcorn theme as are the twins. After some discussion they both discover they are doing the same theme and they decide to team up and split the profit.

Bec and gorges artist has started and they are enthusiastic about winning their first challenge. Madi and Jarrod can’t get things for their beach theme due to it not being summer so they go for a zoo theme instead. The episode ends with the shop displays being completed.




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