House Rules Season One – Grand Finale

After seven gruelling weeks, it’s come down to this- NSW’s Michelle & Steve Vs. SA’s Carly & Leighton! Who will win? It’s up to you!

The House Rules home base is full with a studio audience. Johanna looking incredibly swish tonight! After a quick look at the voting numbers, we whip to Sydney and then to Adelaide for a look at the parties.

Before we announce the winner, we return to the contestants’ final challenge. Each team has gone to their oppositions homes to complete a renovation ‘every house needs’. The house rules are identical- find the blank canvas in need of renovating, give the opposition the space of their dreams, think outside the box, make the room their ultimate design statement and do it all in three days.

In SA, the ‘blank canvas’ is Carly & Leighton’s outdoor studio, which Michelle & Steve will turn into a garden/ exercise room. The NSW ‘blank canvas’ is the basement which Carly & Leighton will turn into the ultimate entertainment area.

The first task for Carly & Leighton is to level the floor; unless they want to use carpet. Nope, Leighton wants his floating floor! They spend the whole first day prepping the room for the furniture. Luckily, Leighton’s mortaring has been successful.

Michelle has ordered wallpaper for the SA home however she’s worried it will not arrive on time. She gets the kids to fly it over to Adelaide. Bit abstract, especially when Jesse has to be pulled out of school to do it haha. Meanwhile, Carly & Leighton go shopping for their design items. That night, it’s painting time!

The next day, things need to happen in perfect order for Carly & Leighton. They need to lay their floorboards and finish the painting before putting all the furniture in. In Adelaide, Michelle & Steve have so much to do. At least Jesse arrived with the wallpaper in time, and the wallpaper looks great!

With only a few hours to go, Carly installs a bar table, but it’s too high. She needs to get it changed and luckily, it’s doable.

An hour remains and Michelle & Steve’s vertical garden enters construction. Can they do it on time? This is reality television- of COURSE they can!

With ten minutes left, it’s a race to the finish, but time soon runs dry and all renovation in this show is OVER! And the finale STILL has a whole hour left!

Johanna interviews some of the eliminated contestants. We then see how life is for the contestants when they moved into their newly renovated homes.

It’s now time for the opinions of the contestants on their new ‘blank canvas’ room. They have not yet seen their opposition’s work. Michelle & Steve are first and they are in love with it. Michelle goes straight for the alcohol. Not surprising considering the past couple of months!

After the break, we see Carly & Leighton’s blank canvas reveal. Same type of reaction really.

It’s then time for the judges’ thoughts. To Michelle & Steve’s take on Carly & Leighton’s room. They love it but don’t get the yoga mat behind the bar. Joe loves the vertical garden.

To Carly & Leighton’s room for Michelle & Steve and the judges are amazed by it. Wendy isn’t a fan of the beige painting. Back at home base, Joh reveals the winner of the Panadol $250,000 draw which was drawn earlier.

After the break, we find out Chester & Carolyn have chosen the Adelaide house as their choice of finale party. Wendy & Joe are in Sydney!

Later in the show, we hear that Carly would be willing to start a family with Leighton ‘If he’ll let [her]’! We see highlights of the two couple’s relationships during the show.

After the break, it’s finally time to reveal the winner.


GO SA! For me, brilliant end! South Australians conquered the Block All Stars and now we’ve conquered House Rules. We’re getting pretty good at this home renovation bizzo!