Packed To the Rafters Finale July 2

Packed To the Rafters Finale  July 2

After six years it’s finally time to say farewell to the Rafters.

The show started in August 2008 and formed an instant connection with its realistic portrayal of family life. There was Dave and Julie Rafter who after many years had finally achieved every parent’s dream of an empty nest. By the end of the pilot, 2 of the 3 children had moved back home.


Through the course of 122 episodes viewers have laughed, cried and had many smiles as we attended the wedding of Ben (Hugh Sheridan) and Mel (Zoe Ventoura) in season 2, said farewell to Rachel Rafters (Jessica Marias) in the beginning of season 4.


While it may now lack the energy of its young cast who wanted to try their luck in Hollywood the last season has more than made up for it with Michael Caton finally been given a chance to shine with Ted’s dementia storyline which has sent me to tears quite frequently


Tomorrow’s final will see the cast reunite one last with appearances by Hugh Sheridan, Jessica Marais, Jessica McNamee, James Stewart and Ryan Corr.

For one final time the song that started it all .http://youtube/EkHTsc9PU2A

Packed to the Rafters wraps up with a double episode Tomorrow 8:30 on Seven.