The Block Sky High Season Six – Trixie Celebrates Her Birthday

The Block Sky High Season Six – Trixie Celebrates Her Birthday

It’s a good day for Trixie- it’s her birthday! Or is that a bad thing? I have no idea.

It takes Johnno a while to actually realise it’s her birthday. Hopefully it’s a better day than yesterday where they became flat broke. Luckily they won money from the SDBs yesterday! Trixie goes to move the antique coin she got from one of the SDBs for some cash. She barters for a higher price than what it’s worth. She manages to make $100 more than what the coin is priced at.

Johnno gets Trixie some breakfast in bed to start off the day. Pity about all the noise though. Madi also hasn’t forgotten about Trixie’s birthday. Meanwhile, Bec is annoyed about all the dust.

Alisa is annoyed about everyone stealing their ideas- so she makes everyone refer to their grand feature idea of planter boxes as ‘PB’. Lysandra and Shiran find this funny. Later, the girls begin to forget what the code is.

Meanwhile, Matt drives halfway through Victoria to get some wood from a lumber store. It’s a day job and leaves Kim at The Block alone. Matt also finds time for a spot of fishing. They use the fish they catch to play a prank on the twins who hate fish. Hilarity ensues.

Back at the block, Lysandra perks her tradies up with coffee. One tradie was in dire need of one, spilling his coffee everywhere.

Out shopping with Trixie, Johnno hints to the camera that he has something in store for Trixie tonight for her birthday. Sounds dirty? Get your mind out of the gutter! This is a family show!

Everyone’s appliances arrive and the contestants get a sneak peak at the competition. Madi & Jarrod are doing a laundry in lieu of a bar- but the twins think some of the appliances look cheap. For the rest of the appliances, the contestants go shopping. Jarrod goes shopping for clothes in preparation for Trixie’s party tonight.

Matt & Kim are doing a few interesting things as well, including X-ray lighted cabinets and a wine cellar.

Later, tiles are delivered but the contestants are nowhere to be seen to move them. Keith gets on the case and gets the contestants to move them pronto. Jarrod helps George move his.

Keith then has a go at fiery Tom about the way he has built his cavity slider. He thinks it is a flimsy job but Tom believes it’s sturdy as hell. He later proves his point by smashing the hell out of the wall. I love how Tom calls Keith ‘bloke’. Tom promises to come back and fix the door jamb if it cracks before its seven-year warranty ends.

Phase Two of Johnno’s birthday surprise for Trixie involves a romantic lunch…takeaway burgers.

At the end of a hard day, people begin preparing for Trixie’s birthday surprise. Later, Johnno brings Trixie down to the wharf to enjoy some drinks aboard a lovely boat unbeknownst to her that all the contestants will be joining them. The evening it a success and comes complete with some tacky ‘The Love Boat’ music and graphics courtesy of the producers. Thanks, guys! Love it!

Unlucky for everyone else, it’s back to work again in the morning