House Rules Season One – The Queensland Renovation Hits A Standstill

House Rules Season One – The Queensland Renovation Hits A Standstill

It’s been one of the toughest weeks of the competition, but tonight, everything will hit a standstill as a safety hazard threatens to derail the renovations.

The contestants rock up for another big day of renovation. They’re all hoping to get good points this week. The contestants think Jane & Plinio have a good thing going with the exercise room and believe it will score them big points.

Like last week, there is only one tiler for both bathrooms due to the limited number of tradies allowed on site. Ben has the tiler for now, but Leighton will not have his patience pushed and will physically get the tiler into his bathroom if he feels Ben is hogging him.

Meanwhile, Nick & Chris have a bit of a problem with some missing decking material. Inside, the contestants begin to notice the house is shaking quite a lot. It’s making the tiling hell. But the shaking gets quite heavy and Chester calls tools down and an evacuation. Only when the engineer rep certifies the house safe will the contestants be able to return.

Most contestants use this time to shop. Jemma uses the time to finally meet the old owners of Amy and Sean’s house. The family is grateful for the visit and it’s quite emotional. Cora, the previous owner, writes a note for Amy & Sean’s room. Jemma hopes it gets extra points. Michelle is sceptical of it.

Later, the contestants are free to go back to work, but they’re now very much behind. Ben begins work on his indoor wall panelling immediately. Michelle wants to get her kitchen in order really well as it is her last renovation. She buys a steel brick-pattern splashback.

Carolyn comes to inspect and isn’t happy with Jane’s idea of putting a TV between two windows. Jane argues it’s too late to change it. Later, Jane decides to move it with Plinio’s collaboration. Meanwhile, Ben finishes his tiling and his ensuite looks great. Things aren’t going so well for Michelle & Steve who are struggling to build their deck.

Plinio begins painting his slats for the exercise room’s wall. It’s a huge task. Upstairs, Ben is slightly annoyed at Nick’s ego. He likes to stir him up.

It’s the last day and the contestants are planning to pull all-nighters. Nick & Chris’ front door is fitted and while the other contestants like it, they don’t think it will fit the brief.

Tiling begins in Carly & Leighton’s bathroom after the tiler tiled in Ben’s bathroom all day yesterday. It’s a tight schedule, so they can’t afford any delays. Unfortunately, delays come aplenty with the couple finding out they’ve gotten the wrong taps. When Carly goes to get some more, Leighton fixes the problem, relieving Carly.

Steve is still having problems laying the steel brick wallpaper in the kitchen. They should have had it done last night.

Meanwhile, bugs are hampering painting plans. They get caught in the rollers and discolour the paint. Michelle wants to mitigate it with some fans however no one’s letting her have a fan.

Ben & Jemma call it a night, and it isn’t long after they leave the house floods thanks to a leaking pipe system. Leighton & Nick do all they can to stop Jemma & Ben’s bathroom from being flooded. The contestants try to plug the holes as they try to find the source. Unfortunately for Jemma & Ben, their tiles have to be dry to set and it hasn’t been enough time. This could be bad.

After calling the plumber, they find a valve to turn it off, but it’s a bit late. The place has completely flooded. It’s not yet known the extent of the damage however some of Jemma & Ben’s tiles are so wet, they are moving!

We soon find out Plinio was the person who moved the valve. Plinio & Jane break the news to Ben & Jemma who are devastated. To make matters worse, it’s delivery day! How will they get out of this?