Sunday night June 16

Sunday Night airs its  rescheduled Dan Brown story this week.

World exclusive: Taken
A beautiful Australian tourist is kidnapped, raped and marched through the South American jungle at gunpoint by right wing terrorists. This isn’t a Hollywood movie script but the incredible true story of survival and courage by a remarkable woman who took on her captors and won. When the heavily armed drug smugglers ambushed Fiona’s tourist group as they canoed up the Amazon in Ecuador it was the beginning of 36 hours of terror for the young forensic scientist on her dream holiday. What Fiona endured in the jungle that night is despicable, but how this heroine came through the ordeal and saved the life of her fellow captive, a young British girl, is the stuff of legend. Eight months after their dramatic escape, Sunday Night returns with Fiona to Ecuador and the story takes an astonishing twist when she agrees to risk her life again to testify against one of her kidnappers. Rahni Sadler is with her every step of the way to bring us one of the most frightening but inspirational stories of the year.

Full of Life
On the outskirts of Amsterdam, a breakthrough treatment for dementia is producing remarkable results that will benefit all of us in the years ahead. At first glance, it seems like any other high-end retirement complex – the residents are served meals, listen to live music and even do their shopping at a small supermarket. But this nursing home is actually an illusion: all the staff in the ‘village’ – the servants, the publican, the music teacher, the shopkeeper, the hairdresser – are actually trained nurses and carers. This somewhat artificial existence serves a very real purpose: to lessen the distressing effects of dementia. What they are doing in Amsterdam will make you question everything you thought you knew about growing old. In this eye-opening investigation, Alex Cullen also meets the British scientist on the cusp of a cure for a condition that will soon affect more than one million Australians. There is also a touching and inspiring story of devotion and love from Australia. What Christine – an Alzheimer’s sufferer – and her wonderful husband Paul are doing to hold the disease at bay is extraordinary.

Dan Brown
He’s the master of secrets, symbols, codes and mysterious messages from our past. Dan Brown is currently the world’s most popular and best-selling author. He has created a world of Vatican cover-ups, hidden secrets in ancient art, and mysterious medieval factions. His books are loathed by the critics but adored by the public who buy them in their millions. The Da Vinci Code set best-seller records, and the contents of his new book Inferno were surrounded by more security than any other Dan Brown novel. Is there a hidden message in Brown’s latest work that will have readers searching for answers? Ross Coulthart travels to New York, and one of the most mysterious locations in the new world to interview Brown, and what he discovers will make you question everything you believed about the origins of humanity.

Sunday, June 16 on Channel Seven at 6.30pm.


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