60 Minutes June 16

Here’s a look at what’s on 60 minutes this week.

It’s the most exciting day in a parent’s life – finding out whether their baby is a boy or a girl. But for some, the answer is not always clear-cut. Emma Hayes was just 5 years old, when she told her parents that, despite being born a boy, she wanted to live and dress as a girl. Diagnosed with gender dysphoria, Emma is among a growing number of children across the country, who insist they’re trapped in the wrong body. Now, Emma’s parents have agreed to let her live as a girl, and have re-enrolled her at the same school, as a female. This Sunday, Emma and her family are sharing their story, in the hope they’ll create awareness and acceptance.
Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producers: Steve Jackson, Lincoln Howes

Everest ER
On Sunday, join Michael Usher five and a half thousand metres above sea level, at Everest Base Camp, where mountaineers launch their quest for the summit. It’s a deadly pursuit and 60 years after Sir Edmund Hillary reached the peak, more people than ever, are risking their lives to scale Everest. But even the most experienced climbers can develop deadly altitude sickness and they end up in the world’s highest hospital. They call it “Everest ER”, a tiny tent where volunteer doctors try to rebuild broken bodies, and shattered dreams.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Jo Townsend

Outback Hope
For more than a century, outback Australia has been a place of hope, hardship and second chances. Generations of men and women have made their fortunes or lost them, on the whim of the land. Now, a legendary Queensland horse whisperer is giving back to the people who helped make his family prosperous. Damien Curr is taking young Aboriginal men with little opportunity and hope in life, and training them to be stockmen. With Damien’s help and skill, our Indigenous youth are saddling up and riding tall.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Nick Greenaway

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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