The Block: Sky High Season Six – The Steam Room Scandal Heats Up

The Block: Sky High Season Six – The Steam Room Scandal Heats Up

Two steam rooms. One team’s idea. One team insulted. Zero chance of a calm episode!

Trixie and the twins talk about the steam room problem. They tell Trixie it was their idea and Trixie tells them it was her electrician who told them to do it. Trixie is appalled that her integrity has been questioned.

Unfortunately, Trixie can’t change their plans as the glass for their steam room has been ordered. Alicia ends up reversing her idea of a steam room and Trixie agrees not to build the steam room until after judging in fairness. But by the sounds of Trixie, they may go ahead with it.

They all head out to challenge which is in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden, a tanker comes towards them.

Contestants have to hop into a 4WD and visit stations to pick up materials, dotted in a field, to build an outdoor dunny! In a tree!! To make it interesting, they have to balance eggs in the holes of some dunny rolls as they drive around (the course also has obstacles). The contestants with the most eggs left at the end will get to choose the tree they use.

The obstacles include going up tyre ramps that double as a see saw.

Jarrod and Madi’s car looks like it’s going to roll over. As cops, there’s a lot of pressure on Alicia and Lysandra. They don’t agree.

They all find it hard to fit some of the equipment, like planks of wood, in the car.

First back after collecting their equipment are Alicia and Lysandra followed by Matt & Kim, Johnno & Trixie, Madi & Jarrod and Bec & George.

They now head into the second leg of the competition with all eggs in tact which means the order in which they arrived back determined the order in which people picked their dunny site. Each site has its own apprentice. The funny thing is, some apprentices are handy, some are just gardeners or bakers.

The contestants have two hours to complete their dunny.

Alicia & Lysandra go for a ‘red back on the toilet seat’ theme. It won’t have walls. Odd. They decide to paint and style before they build. Meanwhile, Bec is annoyed that her ideas aren’t being listened to.

Trixie takes the ‘it has to be fit for a queen’ brief a little too literally and calls it ‘Her Royal Hind Arse’ and tops the thing off with a crown. Kim & Matt are going simple. Madi’s toilet looks a bit tropical.

Trixie has put a dog hole for the Queen’s dogs- known as the ‘Shitzu’. Only problem is, the Queen has Corgis…

Soon enough, time is up. But who won?

Alisa & Lysandra’s lack of privacy seems to be an issue. Kim & Matt’s contemporary ‘poo palace’ looks artistic at first glance but, again, no privacy.

Bec & George’s box, known as Scotty’s Crapper, draws laughs. He seems to like a lot about it. Madi & Jarrod’s retreat is also a hit. Lastly, how will Trixie & Johnno go?

Scotty likes all the puns, especially the ‘royal flush’.

In the end, the winner is… Madi & Jarrod. As winners, they get $5000.

Back at The Block, they are given the job of painting the entire exterior of the building in the space of the next two weeks. They will be painting it black and Bec is just bewildered and overwhelmed by the task.

Most teams find ways of working around the chores. Trixie actually likes painting. Bec is almost exploding. Lysandra goes home to see her boys, which will hopefully help the stress. Watching Alisa paint the building gives you an idea of how much work they need to do.


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