House Rules Season One: Episode 6

House Rules Season One: Episode 6

Work has begun on the Tasmanian home of Jane & Plinio, but like any full-house one-week renovation- it’s not going to be easy, and sparks WILL fly tonight.

It’s the third day of renovation and contestants are in a singing mood. Except Amy and Sean who are STILL camping. They have to until the end of the week and it is freezing!

Meanwhile, Jemma and Ben are still in good spirits. That should soon die out, but it’s taking a while! The teams are now sorting out their cornices and Nick & Chris convince everyone to do what they’re doing in their room. Now, contestants have to source their own cornices themselves.

This is just more work on an already impossible workload. Carly and Leighton actually find some cornice pretty easily, however they have to pick it up themselves. I think they order all the cornice in the store for both Leighton & Carly and Nick & Chris. This means Steve and Michelle are out of luck from this supplier. Luckily they find some and Steve goes off to get it.

Meanwhile, Jemma and Ben still seem quite ahead of things. Meanwhile, Steve gets his cornice but it won’t fit in the car, unlike Nick, Chris, Carly and Leighton’s cornice, which fit in their trailer. They may have to wait until Monday. Michelle is so annoyed to see that the quartet did not think of Michelle and Steve.

Nick & Chris decide to stitch people up by keeping the trailer and hindering everyone else from getting cornice (despite, as mentioned, the store had no cornice left).

Afterwards, Ben finds out about cornice-gate and is also bummed that no one consulted him. Nick thinks Ben shouldn’t have been so cocky.

Meanwhile, Steve has found a way to transport his cornice back to the house. Crisis averted on this occasion. And in the spirit of things, Chris lets Ben use the trailer which annoys Nick. Ben also helps Amy & Sean grab some cornice.

Jane & Plinio hope the contestants keep things from the old house, which is what Michelle & Steve are doing with their door jam. Michelle wants it cut in half, but the tradie she asks cuts it longways. Wrong. This pissed her off further.

To end the day, walls are put up and Sean & Amy enjoy some wine in their bath. Well, Amy does.

A new day and new tasks beckon for the teams. Chester pays a visit and first on his list are Jemma and Ben. He isn’t happy with their progress. They both think they’re on track. We’ll see.

Carolyn is also visiting Nick & Chris. They ordered a king sized dining table which would have spilt into Carly & Leighton’s kitchen. Now, they don’t want to do that. They decide on going for a thinner table. They think they are improving.

However, Nick has a set back with a bung wrist. He is told it may be broken, so he goes to hospital for an X-Ray. Chris would be stuffed if he was pulled from the game. It would already set them back half the day.

Nick is told to have a splint, but to continue in the game, he decides against it. If it gets worse, he will reconsider his decision.

Meanwhile, Ben may begin to be feeling the stress with his giprocking time running out fast. Meanwhile, they spring a leak in the laundry, meaning they can’t waterproof their floors. The sheeting will have to be re-laid as well. Yep, cue stress.

He has a go at Jemma, accusing her of standing about. Not a good move. Carly & Leighton also get stressed over the family room layout. Carolyn is on hand to help but she is concerned because they’ve expanded the kitchen into the family room space. It could be a letdown.

It causes stress and conflict.

Ben & Jemma go through their plans for Jarra’s room and Carolyn seems impressed. Michelle finds a picture for the hallway, but Jane & Plinio advise against it.

The walls are up and sealed for Amy & Sean’s room. When it dries, they can water proof it. They use a heater to dry it. Nick & Chris steal it for their own use. Sean can’t believe it. Michelle and Steve notice that Sean is too nice for his own good.

To end a stressful day, Steve and Michelle have a small paint fight. The contestants also discuss losing weight in the competition.

The episode ends with Amy covered in paint. Don’t ask.


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