The Biggest Loser 8 Ep 31 Face your fears week concludes

The Biggest Loser 8 Ep 31 Face your fears week concludes

Well here we are the last night in New Zealand so who will get the golden pass to the finale?

Fourth and final leg of the race today. The team that wins today gets a golden ticket straight to the finale and the losing team will receive a one kilogram weight penalty at the final weigh in.

The race starts today with a 3km paddle down the river. Then a car ride up Queenstown hill then ends with a 5km run to the finish line. The catch being that halfway through the run they’ll have to pick up packs with their weightless so far inside.

Green’s off first today, followed in a minute by orange, then two minutes by blue and four minutes for pink.

Gerald and Todd push their boat to the middle of the lake to make sure it has enough water under it so it doesn’t tip before they hop in and they are off and paddling.

Katie and Robyn get into their boat to early and hit the rocks because it’s too shallow. Richard and amber then enter the water and imminently get second place however they collide with the orange team who are arguing and going around in circles. Richard manages to overtake them just as Janet and Kirstin are able to enter the water. Kirstin excited if they paddle fast enough they may be able to overtake the orange and blue teams who they see just up ahead.

The green team are working well but Richard and amber are just behind them and working well together. Robyn and Katie however are still arguing about rowing speed and direction. The pink team are working well just as Robyn and Katie spin into a tree and capsize there boat.

Janet and Kirsten manage to hit the tree too, but they don’t go under, unlike orange. Meanwhile out the front of the race Richard and Amber have taken one split of the river while Gerald and Todd have taken another. Blue’s split is running faster so they’ve taken the lead temporarily but blue gets turned around and green immediately catches back up.

Back up the river and pink nearly hits orange again,

Richard’s proud of Amber’s efforts in this race. She doesn’t have the same competitive drive he has and he’s come to accept that. Amber tells us that before the show she wouldn’t do anything out of her comfort zone, wouldn’t go out with her friends, and hated doing anything uncomfortable. But now she’s doing all these crazy things and she’s built up her courage. She knows now she’s got to step up her game if they want the golden ticket.

Another split in the river and Richard and Amber have tried to take a shortcut. They run aground but Richard quickly hops out and pulls them over which signals the end of the river race. They’re first onto the shore and first into a bump and they’re back level with green again. Green push hard to regain their lead as they approach a car for their ride up the hill to the start of the running portion of the course

Janet and Kirsten overtake the orange team and finish the race third with Katie and Robyn now in danger of getting the 1Kg disadvantage

Gerald is feeling very sore in his back and he’s worried about the extra weight. Todd tells him not to stress because Amber will crack.

Both the teams are neck and neck and Gerald is telling Todd to pull him. as the pink team start Katie and Robyn are setting a nice pace and Robyn’s unsure if she can keep up both the green and blue teams are nearing the hill where the packs are located Gerald is clearly struggling while Richard and amber over take them Gerald for the first time this season gets cranky with Todd he’s really not coping. As Todd go down the hill Kirsten and Janet are coming up and Kirsten is begging and pleading with Janet to move. Kirsten and Janet have their bags so off they go as Janet is feeling worthless

Robyn and Katie have their packs and are set to go as they are walking Katie rolls her ankle but continues to solider on. Blue are first to the final hill and work together. Gerald really struggling now while Katie can see pink are struggling janet is giving her best while  Kirsten’s almost in tears. And then Janet does fall down!

Kirsten tries desperately to yank Janet to her feet but Janet can’t get herself back up.

Robyn and Katie go past Kirsten’s saying  that she can’t lift Janet up by herself. Meanwhile Janet’s having a cry and takes the weight off her back to try and help herself back up.

Janet now has herself respect back and if Kirsten doesn’t start respecting her she will have to move out, Robyn is proud of Katie she isn’t sooking like she used to and is doing really well until she rolls her ankle again. Gerald has collapsed because he can’t get enough air into his lungs. He is trying to push through the pain he eventually gets up and Shannon comes to help as Richard and amber get the golden ticket. Green comes second and he’s off to see the medic. Robyn and Katie are third Michelle goes down to encourage Kirsten and Janet saying they need to finish as a team and leave the old them behind.

Going into finale week Richard and amber have a guaranteed spot at finale via immunity while the pinks have a 1 kg disadvantage.

Bring on finale week

this recap was completed with the use of another recap found on  mythor 


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