The Block Sky High Season 6: Scandal Week Concludes

The Block Sky High Season 6: Scandal Week Concludes

It’s been a long week and at the centre of it all were two steam rooms and feuding contestants. But with two ensuites to be delivered on Sunday, I think there’s a lot more to worry about as we enter the final episode of the week.

Alisa is struggling without Lysandra on the block. Her twin went home temporarily to visit her kids. Meanwhile, Trixie has decided to put in the steam room despite promising to not put it in for room reveal as compensation for ‘stealing’ Alisa and Lysandra’s idea (even though it wasn’t them that stole it). She does promise not to have it working though.

The next day, it’s all hands on deck with the tradies. Matt & Kim will not do work until 6pm. Until then, they will leave it in the hands of their capable team of tradies. Trixie and Johnno are very happy they also have tradies doing their tricky task of waterproofing.

George meanwhile takes photos of his waterproofing so if Keith has a go at him as he’s tiling, he can use it as evidence. It’s a good idea, and one Jarrod should have thought of as he is told during tiling that his waterproofing isn’t done. I guess a photo wouldn’t have fixed that.

The tiler and Keith have an argument about whether they’ve done enough waterproofing. The tiler thinks what’s been done is fine but Keith promises to rip the tiles off if they go ahead with the rest of the tiling.

Meanwhile, Alisa is now starting on painting her level of the building as per Scott’s challenge. Bec is also doing it and is quite annoyed about the task. Alisa is annoyed that she doesn’t have a long-haired roller to use it. Trixie goes to Mitre 10 to buy shopping for both her an Alisa as a bit of a treat for the earlier scandal. It seems something is forgotten…

Meanwhile, Tanya and Rod come to The Block to inspect the building. He’s been given the task of helping Alisa. Trixie comes back with Alisa’s stock.

Back to Jarrod’s level and apparently the building inspector has overruled Keith. Eep! Keith talks to the surveyors and in the end; they all agree on a compromise- to do more waterproofing, but not as much.

All contestants are now working on painting the building. They have a long haired roller- just what Alisa wanted before. Soon enough, Trixie and Johnno finish one whole wall. Alisa finally tells us that she did request for a long haired roller, but Trixie came back with a short haired roller for her, telling her that’s what they were using. She’s pissed off and goes upstairs.

Trixie admits she stuffed up but insists she bought the long haired roller beforehand. Alisa is obviously annoyed. When she leaves Trixie thinks she can’t win and goes to buy her a shaggy roller, but she’s quite rude about her to Bec. She’s actually going to buy everyone a shaggy roller.

Alisa doesn’t want her to and accuses the couple of playing games.

With two days left until room reveal, the contestants have to deal with another obstacle- demos. Today, the deconstructors will be moving in to smash down the walls that need to come down. Meanwhile, painting on the outside walls continues. Everyone is now using fluffy rollers.

The twins are off buying rollers themselves. When Alisa buys one, she finds out that Trixie knew she was buying Alisa dodgy rollers from information provided to her by the guy in the store. She now doubts Trixie’s intentions with the steam room. And it’s hard not to considering Trixie did state she wouldn’t install the steam room out of respect…and it’s now being installed!

During the installation, they find out the plumber was a bit out with his measurements and for the steam room to fit properly, the pipes will have to be moved. Keith has a solution that involves doing…something to the waterproofing.

Meanwhile, the twins go to confront Trixie for a second time. She tells Trixie everything about her trip. You will have to watch this argument yourself to get the full story of events. So many things going on and it’s all to do with different types of brushes. Main idea is- Trixie says she just ordered two of what she ordered, which were mainly brushes for indoors and Alisa thought it was rude that she knew they needed an outdoor brush. I’m guessing this is what Trixie meant by ‘I stuffed up’. It doesn’t end well, but both parties decide to remain happy.

In the end, Trixie decides to go ahead with the steam room. Ha!


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