House Rules Season One – Episode 7

With another house reveal on the horizon, can the contestants keep up pace and finish the Tasmanian house on time?

Less than three days remain between now and house reveal. A lot of stuff is going on and the contestants are now counting the hours until reveal. Amy & Sean are really hoping to do well this week and Steve and Michelle want to see them do well as well.

It seems there is a feud between the brothers and Ben. Meanwhile, Jemma goes out to buy lights and decides to ask the woman what others are buying. When she returns, she snoops inside the house for more research into the competition.

Carly & Leighton’s kitchen is now coming along but the brothers think it will be too cramped. Nick meanwhile decides to reuse the old front door. Unfortunately, the door has gone through the ringer and no longer fits in the doorway right. In the end, it’s actually a problem with the shape of the door jam.

Nick & Chris then open up with their hate for Danish design. Steve is in the process of building a floating book case. He’s by himself and Michelle is worried he will change the plans…and he does. Luckily, she loves them!

Now, remember when Jemma went to the light shop, well, she wasn’t buying lights- she was buying a door. Yep, the place sold doors. Anyway, on the way out she dropped her door, causing damage. She wants to return it, but can’t.

Carolyn comes and checks on the house. While this happens, Carly & Leighton have a design problem of their own. Carly ordered a lounge yesterday, but Leighton finds out it is too big.

The next day, contestants are all out shopping. Amy is out buying bedroom stuff while Michelle buys some wallpaper. Unfortunately, there’s only JUST enough wallpaper. Any mistakes made by the team and it’s all over red rover with it. Carly & Leighton are out sorting out the couch.

Meanwhile, the teams have all used different sized door jams which looks ugly from Steve’s hallway. He’s not happy. Steve yells at Sean and Ben to fix it and while the two will do it, they erupt over Steve’s eruption.

To something more upbeat and Jemma likes her laundry. Nick tries to criticise it but is shut down. But something everyone is affected by is budgeting. Michelle & Steve are unexpectedly over budget. Michelle goes to get refunds and is able to rectify everything. Jemma and Ben are well over budget, which sets them aback. And unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do. Ben tries to return the door again, this time claiming no one helped Jemma out, causing her to drop it (despite being offered assistance). This time, he gets a refund.

Nick is trying to get his floor down but can’t because people kept walking through the front door. He closes the door and makes everyone walk around.

Now, most contestants are painting and wallpapering. There’s a disagreement between Nick and Michelle & Steve about putting up architraves. Steve manages to rip the wallpaper, really stuffing things up. I wonder how he plans to fix that!


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