Sunday Night May 26

Here is what’s in store on Sunday Night  this week.

Serial Killers
Imagine waking up one day and discovering the man you married, the father of your children, was not a doting dad but a brutal serial killer. The Iceman was a hit man for hire who murdered so many he can’t even remember the total, but thinks it was around 100. The ‘Happy Face’ killer admits to eight victims but may have strangled over 100 more. A spine-chilling Sunday Night investigation, Mike Willesee meets the wives of both serial killers. They knew their husbands better than anyone, but had no idea about their secret double lives. Getting inside the mind of these cold-hearted killers, we also meet the daughter who feared she’d inherited her fathers ‘killer gene’, and the pregnant victim who was the only one to escape. Finally there is a jaw-dropping jail interview with the ‘Happy Face’ serial killer – and the revelation of what he’s doing now will leave you speechless.

Breast Cancer
Angelina Jolie has sparked a rush to remove by women threatened by the spectre of breast cancer. In this special Sunday Night report, Rahni Sadler catches up with the mum whose daughters all carry the BRCA gene and believes the Hollywood star is an angel for raising awareness. Then the bombshell – we meet the Aussie mum who had her breasts removed just like Angelina, yet still developed the disease. With women dashing to get tested, doctors are warning instant removal is not always the best option. A story every women confused by the latest news needs to see.

The Helicopter Hero
This is the untold story of one man who saved the lives of thousands during the devastating super-tornado that hit Oklahoma City. Sunday Night’s Ross Coulthart is on the ground as the rescue and clean up unfolds. He meets the hero who very nearly did not survive to tell his story. In a helicopter – hovering above and being sucked towards the biggest twister he’d ever seen – he had the only view that could detect the path of the tornado. Only when his information was fed back to terrified residents did they know they had minutes to flee their homes. He stayed calm throughout the mayhem. Then he realised his own wife and children were in the eye of the storm.

King Kong
The beast is reborn. The biggest and most expensive puppet in the world has been brought back to life here in Australia. Costing over $20 million, King Kong is eight metres tall and takes a small army of acrobats to operate. The finished result is terrifying. Sunday Night gets the exclusive first look at Kong, created by the same Melbourne company that brought Walking with Dinosaurs to the world.

Sunday, May 26 on Seven at 6.30pm.

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