The Block Sky High Season Six – The Divided Season Continues

The Block Sky High Season Six – The Divided Season Continues

This season has seen a contestant divide with level 1 & 2 banding up and level 3, 4 & 5 following suit. With bitching on the show at an all-time high, what words will be overheard tonight?

Alisa feels like she is on top of things so far however Kim is already in need of a shower. Bec has gone off site for some shopping and is having trouble finding stuff for the master bedroom. Kim is having trouble picking a carpet colour. She goes up to see Bec & George but the tradies basically tell her to rack off. Kim is annoyed that she can’t see the one carpet sample on The Block.

She goes to see Keith about her problem with Tom, who is the name of the tradie who is being rude. Tom doesn’t think he was rude, saying ‘that’s life’ when hearing about Kim’s complaints. Keith confronts Tom however he claims Keith wouldn’t last a week on a real build site.

Matt decides to call George and while Kim is adamant it is a Block sample, George says it isn’t. George shows them one of his carpet samples, not letting slip that he is in fact using two carpets.

Meanwhile, Johnno is not feeling well today. He makes the foolish decision to go shopping with Trixie. Feeling crap, he manages to go for a walk to the beach and back before Trixie finishes…over one hour later!

Alisa goes out shopping and is making quicker decisions…and more of them.

Meanwhile, Bec’s mother who helped clean the team’s laundry and provide food and earned the name ‘Mamma Block’ has been admitted to hospital indefinitely due to cancer complications. Bec is in good spirits, promising to win lots of money to pay for her treatment. It’s also her birthday tomorrow, so people help organise a surprise birthday. Alisa meanwhile will be visiting her kids who have come down from Adelaide. She will be spending time with them tonight.

The next day, it’s all hands on deck for some. The twins, however, continue to pamper themselves.

Meanwhile, the contestants all receive a $12,000 voucher for instruments. Back at The Block, Tom impresses Keith by installing a temporary door on his level to keep prying eyes out.

George gets Bec away to enjoy a birthday surprise massage; however what she doesn’t know is that an even bigger surprise awaits her back at the block. George plans it while she’s enjoying it.

Keith is not happy about the insulation on level one, hindering soundproofing. The tradies have to rip the roof down and start again! The tradies try to get around it by looking at regulations, but It’s no use. The problem is it is near impossible to get the roof on with the amount of insulation needed. It’s annoying and the twins decide to leave The Block for a bit. They are fuming with one twin arguing that the camera man isn’t allowed to film her husband!

Meanwhile, it’s time for Bec’s surprise birthday party. To say she was surprised would be the understatement of the century! Even her mum is there! It’s very emotional but she has a brilliant time!