The Biggest Loser Finale Recap

The Biggest Loser Finale Recap

11 weeks we started a journey to break the cycle of obesity now only three teams remain so who will win?

Hayley says that eleven weeks ago the contestants started their journey to tackle generational obesity. The contestants have managed to lose over 700kg this season,

Then we get a recap of Janet and Kirsten and what they wen t through this season.  They both come out on the stage and look good Kirsten’s wearing a dress that is super hard to describe but she looks good anyway. Janet’s blue number is smashing after they do a walk down the catwalk they join Hayley on stage for some questions. Kirsten is asked about her confidence. She admits she wouldn’t have been able to do this before the show and she is a much happier and confident person. Janet tells us that when it comes to dealing with weight problems actions speak louder than words.

We see shots of Kirsten and Janet fighting which was pretty much all season long. . Janet doesn’t know where to begin when asked how her life has changed at home. She does say that her relationship with her husband has improved.

Next to get the recap treatment is Mandy and Brett, Brett looks much better and Mandy looks very good for her age in that blue dress.  Brett loved getting his fitness back so he could get back to playing basketball again. It. Mandy and her husband used to joke about her weight and she thinks maybe they thought they were too far gone but they have done something about it.

We then see Gerald and Todd at home and there are lots of cuddles and smiles all round.

We then see another recap but this time it’s for Mark and Chris the father and son team who never had connected due to being separated and they look good as well,   Mark says he didn’t think he had a weight problem originally, thought he felt great. But it was because he didn’t know what great really felt like, he says.  While Chris says the experience repaired their relationship [.

Anita and Cher are next Anita looks really good she has clearly been putting in the effort while Cher doesn’t look all that much different. Anita says the experience was magical. The journey is still going and Cher says she knows she has a fair bit to go but she’s not giving up

We see the homecoming of Richard and Amber the only unexpected thing here was that Richard proposed to his wife again.

Finally we see the Red Team of Sam and jess Sam has lost a fair amount of weight it seems while Jess has changed her hair colour and is looking hot. Jess feels more confident. Sam wanted to be a good role model for his family.

Last to return to the stage is of course Kevin and Rosemary Kevin is of course still big but he has lost a bit of weight when you compare it to the before hologram. Rosemary looks amazing. Kevin denies the trainers bullied him as some had complained. He owes them his life and Rosemary says she’d like to thank all the trainers too.

After that we see Robyn and Katie arrive home and it’s a lot of the same screaming excited stuff. The trainers then arrive as a new dad the season hit home for Shannon who was hoping to learn where not to go wrong. The commando says that the nutrition starts and ends with the parents. Michelle says that is not just about losing the weight it’s about feeling good about you again, with that in mind it’s now time to weigh in the eliminated contestants.

First up is Sam and Jess they weighed 129.4kg and134.1kg respectively. They now weigh .94.8kg (-34.6kg) and 105.0kg (-29.1kg) respectively. That’s a total loss of 63.7kg or 24.17%

Kevin and Rosemary are next they need to lose 85.8kg to take the lead Kevin said earlier was to be under 200kg can he do it?

Kevin and Rosemary weighed 254.7kg and100.1kg respectively. They now weigh 198.6kg (-56.1kg) and 79.2kg (-20.9kg) respectively. That’s a total loss of 77.0kg or 21.70%

Anita and Cher are next 70.1kg to take the lead. They weighed 117.6kg and172.2kg respectively. They now weigh (-31.6kg) and 141.6kg (-30.6kg) respectively. That’s a total loss of 62.2kg or 21.46%

Next to weigh in are Mandy and Brett They weighed 113.3kg and187.9kg respectively. They now weigh .77.7kg (-35.6kg) and 130.5kg (-57.4kg) respectively. That’s a total loss of 93.0kg or 30.88%

Janet and Kirsten need 63.2kg to take first place from Mandy and Brett.

Janet and Kirsten They weighed 106.6kg and 98.1kg respectively. They now weigh .68.6kg (-38.0kg) and 70.4kg (-27.7kg) respectively. That’s a total loss of 65.7kg or 32.10% meaning that they have the lead.

Chris and mark need 101.5kg to take home $10,000.

Chris and Mark They weighed 152.3kg and162.9.1kg respectively. They now weigh .107.6kg (-44.7kg) and 112.2kg (-50.7kg) respectively. That’s a total loss of 95.4kg or 30.27%. This means that Janet and Kirsten win the $10,000

We then See Robyn and Katie in New Zealand just before the swing jump and we get a few more looks at just how nervous she was. This is then followed by a recap of their journey before we see them on stage both are looking really good.

Robyn says her priority was always Katie and even if it meant she’d never talk to her again, she wanted to get Katie into shape like she is now. When Robyn went home everything was much easier for her, she was much happier. And things have changed a lot at home. It’s clear her boys don’t like the new bread though.

Richard and amber who were best friends instead of father and daughter are next we get a lengthy recap of their journey which is full of ups and downs but they eventually got there. Amber looks good in her blue dress it’s evident that she has lost a bit.  Richard looks fit.

Richard says the turning point for the family was the birth of his grandchild not long after losing his Mum. Amber says it’s been a big turnaround since her Dad and Mum have agreed to marry each other again. She and her sister were thinking of packing their bags and moving out just so Richard and his wife would get divorced.

Gerald and Todd get a lengthy recap as well. Then it’s time for the reveal. Gerald looks very fit and he isn’t wearing his glasses and Todd looks like a normal 15 year old kid.

Gerald and Todd are two of the sweetest men you could ever meet they came on the show because of Sophie, Gerald’s daughter. Sophie’s had a lot of trouble medically

She came into his bedroom one night and just said to him he’s not helping himself. Gerald says Sophie saved his life.

Hayley says she’s sure she speaks on behalf of Australia when she says Todd’s grown into a lovely young man.

Todd’s advice to kids being bullied is to just walk away from it.

The trainers have their say on if the contestants kept it up on the outside Shannon says that green never took a backwards step. Commando says that it comes down to the effort they all put in at home. While Michelle she’s enjoyed training all the teams and they’ve all put in a lot of work throughout the season and they are proud regardless. With that it’s time to weigh in

Richard and Amber weigh in first they weighed 139.3kg and111.6kg respectively. They now weigh .94.9kg (-44.8kg) and 84.7kg (-26.9kg) respectively. That’s a total loss of 71.7kg or 28.53%

For Gerald and Todd to take the lead they need to lose 78.3kg they weighed 159.1kg and112.2kg respectively. They now weigh 102.7kg (-56.4kg) and74.4kg (-37.8kg) respectively. That’s a total loss of 94.2kg or 34.72%

Robyn and Katie need 86.5kg to win they weighed 112.1kg and136.8kg respectively. They now weigh 73.1kg (-39.0kg) and89.2kg (-47.6kg) respectively. That’s a total loss of 86.6kg or 34.79%. They win The Biggest Loser 2013 and $200,000

Gerald and Todd take home $30,000 and Richard and Amber get $10,000. With that the series comes to a close but we will be back again when they’ll be tackling one of the heaviest towns in Australia.

Till then this is TBL DONE AND DUSTED.