House Rules Season One – Victorian House Renovation Gets Underway

House Rules Season One – Victorian House Renovation Gets Underway

Third on the state-by-state renovation tour is Victoria’s Nick & Chris! Will the contestants put every effort into transforming these budding villains’ home?

The contestants arrive at the house as Nick & Chris prepare to leave. Nick warns them- if they think they know them, they don’t. The contestants are told from the get go that they can’t use any whites or any greens.

Amy & Sean, as last week’s winners, will get to choose their zone. Jemma & Ben, as the lowest-scoring team, will be camping out. It’s now time for the contestants to tour the house. They use this time to take in as much information as possible for inspiration to design. Jane & Plinio contemplate designing the house with a dated design to annoy them. It already looks like a nanna house!

The zones this week are:

ZONE 1: Kitchen, dining area and family room.

ZONE 2: Lounge and entrance hall.

ZONE 3: Chris’ bedroom and ensuite.

ZONE 4: Nick’s bedroom, centre hall and den.

ZONE 5: Bathroom and laundry.

Amy and Sean decide to renovate Zone 1. Michelle & Steve are given zone 5. Jemma & Ben get Zone 2. Jane & Plinio are given Zone 3. This means Carly & Leighton get zone 4.

The house rules state this week that contestants have to ‘give them’ Mad Men cool, a moody and murky palette, put a retro divider between the entrance and lounge, style their kitchen bold and dramatic and take some risks.

They no horde items that they can use in their final design. Jemma & Ben get to work straight away…preparing their camp site. They try cook come meat, but it doesn’t work on their crappy stove. That night, contestants begin working on their design. The ‘Mad Men’ aspect confuses many of the contestants.

The next day, planning continues and demolition begins. Amy & Sean and Michelle & Steve begin dividing their space, the existing kitchen, into their two zones. Michelle & Steve are nervous about their very small space. Sean agrees to give them a bit more space than originally planned.

During their demolition, Carly & Leighton discover something. A covered up fireplace in Nick’s bedroom! It must have been covered up in a previous renovation. They want to use it in their design. Meanwhile, the brothers have arrived at their destination for the week and are most concerned over the older couples.

Back at their house, Jane & Plinio are actually powering along with demolition. It’s great to see this couple back on the job! I find them quirky.

Outside, Ben’s pink diary is missing. It helps him keep track of events…

Well, it can’t be Nick & Chris’ doing! He does find it in the end.

Carly is already trying to find design items for Nick’s bedroom but she’s nervous about the Mad Men theme. She has a bit of an argument with Leighton when he offers little help with her questions. After Carly storms off, he is asked again by her about his thoughts on some of the items she has in mind, but he doesn’t like it and says Carly has no vision. This could end badly.

Jemma & Ben are pitting their week on a ‘framed wood stack’ which serves no purpose but to look good. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Meanwhile, Jemma plans to raise the roof…literally! During demolition, Steve and Chester are on safety observation. Chester notices Plinio smash glass without tape and Ben cuts his hand on glass. Steve advises him to wear glass next time.

Jane & Plinio go bed shopping and Jane does her best at hurrying a decision out of Plinio. Later on, Carly and Leighton begin arguing again about design differences.

As the day draws to a close, Michelle & Steve quickly leave to buy some tiles for their bathroom after clearing it. In a bid to try and ‘take risks’, they go for a graffitied, ghetto-style tiles. They look…very risky. It isn’t long before Michelle begins to doubt them.

Sean is trying to get his kitchen measured up, but he finds out he hasn’t done enough in the kitchen for it to be ready to be measured. This will slow him down quite a bit.

By the end of the day, the demolitions have finished and the contestants call it a day.


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