The Celebrity Apprentice Australia – Episode 5

The Celebrity Apprentice Australia – Episode 5

We’re down to our final ten celebrities and as the competition heats up, only the best can go forward. But who will excel tonight?

The celebrities are on their way to their next challenge. Their client today is Matt Ball, who operates Blackberry in Australia. Today, the contestants will have to create a building projection advertisement for the new Z10. They have to portray the message ‘keep moving’ in their video projection. It will project onto the wall of the Hyde Park Barracks.

Mark asks anyone who has not been PM to put their hand up. Out of the four who haven’t, Layla and John put their hands up to do it this time. They then pick their teams. They are Layla, Roxy, Rob, Dermott and Peter and John, Prue, Stephanie, Jeff and Dawn.

It’s now time to put together the video projection. Some members of each team have to go out and shoot some still shots with their Blackberries. Stephanie is a whiz on the phone; however Dawn isn’t so good with it all. It seems as if Stephanie is getting a bit annoyed about having to educate Jeff and Dawn on the device.

Roxy and Layla arrive at the video projection voice and as usual, it’s all Roxy’s idea. Layla is a bit too quiet in all this. It could look bad for her. Back at the shoots and Peter and Rob clash over ideas. On the other team, John is not helping Stephanie when she calls to ask for ideas for their shoots. John is disappointed because he feels Stephanie is brighter than this.

No such problem is being found with Rob and Peter. When the shots begin coming in, Prue and John are not happy with what they’re getting. Layla and Roxy are very happy with what they get.

The next day, their building projections have been compiled and it’s time to view them. At the same time, the teams begin working on their script. On John’s team, Dawn and Stephanie are getting on each other’s nerves. Dawn arks up when Stephanie accuses her of taking not-so-good shots. Dawn doesn’t like her attitude and believes she would ace her in the pool if they were both on the same level.

On the other team, it seems everyone is getting annoyed about Rob’s ego. He has written a script and no one is impressed. In the end, Roxy suggests everyone write their own script, and the best will get through. She also suggests some parts of the video go un-narrated.

The celebrities then go to Hyde Park barracks. Rob thinks Peter is too nervous to read the script in Rob’s eyes and the two butt heads again.

With 45-minutes to go, Stephanie finds out they haven’t talked about the keyboard in their script. John isn’t happy she’s coming up with this now. He decides not to change anything.

Layla’s dancers are rehearsing and Jeff & Stephanie is being quite rude about their performance. Layla steps up and scolds them for being rude to their volunteers.

After all that, it’s time for the performance. Up first is John’s team. Layla’s team is very critical of it throughout. Matt Ball liked it.

To Layla’s team, Peter is cracking under the pressure. He stumbles over his lines a little bit. Their video projection was without narration. Matt liked the visuals.

It’s now time for the boardroom.

Mark off the bat asks Stephanie questions about John. Everyone thinks John is a good Project Manager. Stephanie then says Dawn should be fired. Dawn thinks Steph should be as she’s not respectful. Prue jumps in to Stephanie’s defence. It all leaves Steph in tears as she helped Dawn use the phone and idolises Dawn.

Dawn then brings up an incident when a car driver allegedly wanted to remove Steph from the car because of how she spoke to Dawn on another challenge. Steph needs to leave the room.

Roxy is then asked on her opinion of her team’s effort and her answer is scolded for being too PR. Peter & Dermott then talk about not putting their hands up for PM. It seems Jeff is trying to throw Dermott under the bus. Even when Dermott throws Peter’s name up for elimination, Jeff arks up about the ‘brilliant’ idea of putting Peter up on stage, which he believes is comparable to throwing him to the wolves. Layla shuts him down saying they all thought it was a good idea as he is an entertainer.

Apparently, Mike Ball has increased the prize money to $45,000 as he was so impressed. Because of that, the losing team will get $5,000 while the winning team will get $40,000. In the end, John’s team wins.

With that, Layla’s team head into the second part of the boardroom. Layla believes it came down to her decisions for the light show. Peter admits to doing 850-900 live shows before. Dermott believes Peter’s live style is not good for a scripted performance. Rob was annoyed that during the writing of the script, Peter wrote nothing.

It all turns into a Peter Vs. Rob scenario. Meanwhile, Layla identifies Roxy as her star player. Dermott also. Roxy is lost for words in this boardroom. One thing she does say is that Rob likes to hog the stage. Rob fumes.

Mark then brings up Layla’s dependence on Roxy. Rob actually thinks the project could have gone BETTER without Roxy. He says Roxy knocked back too many ideas.

Layla decides to bring back Peter and Rob.

Layla is saved pretty much as soon as she enters the room due to her honesty and the fact she’s stepped up quite a bit.

In the end, Mark decides to fire… Rob! But Peter is on his last legs!


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