The Biggest Loser Finale Week Final 3 revealed

The Biggest Loser Finale Week Final 3 revealed

This is it it’s the last Episode before finale 

The contestants are taken to a quarry for last chance training. The trainers are still feeling a little sore so it’s payback time. There is a lot of Lots of running and shuffling around each other and planking and carrying logs. They’re throwing everything they’ve got at the contestants tonight. The objective of the session is the trainers will try to break them and the contestants have the job of not cracking and losing it.

Michelle tells the viewers that the contestants  have come a long way from day one they were frozen in fear at the thought of excursive now time has passed and so has their mindset they are ready for this. Commando says that even though they have a free ride to finale Richard and Amber can’t get complacent and need to work. After this there is a lot of running up the hill with a giant rope. Then it’s time for some one on one training. Michelle takes Janet and Kirsten running up a gravel hill which isn’t an easy task but Michelle is proud whatever she has asked they do which is a huge change.

Robyn and Katie are working hard and Commando is impressed Robyn is surprised at how far she has come from her first session. She was wandering if she can do this daily but now she enjoys it and it’s easy. Now that they are in their comfort zones the commando decides to turn on the hoses creating some mud. Katie has learnt that you don’t complain about the mud you just get through it

We see Kirsten and Janet pulling tires while Richard is breaking wood. The green team are doing boxing with Shannon. Todd is reflecting on the journey he’s taken and he can’t wait until he can be a normal kid again. He also mentions that Shannon won’t break him tonight while Gerald doesn’t know what the yellow line is so he won’t be going under it with that the last training session and the trainer’s job for the season is complete

The following morning at breakfast the orange team are worried about the weigh in so they decide to talk to blue to make sure they still have their vote  but Richard doesn’t answer he tells them that he is sure they are safe. However to the camera he admits that whichever team out of orange and green go below they will be gone.

It’s now time for the final weigh in in the house we get a reminder that Richard and amber have immunity while the pink girls have a 1kg disadvantage. With that let’s get moving.

First up to weigh in is Richard and Amber, They weighed 104.5kg and 90.8kg respectively. They now weigh 102.0kg and 89.2kg respectively. That’s a total loss of 4.1kg or 2.10% and with that result has secured their place in the finale. Richard has achieved his goal of making it to finale. Amber tells us it’s The Biggest Loser, not The Biggest Friendship, so the next step is to win ok then.

Next to weigh in will be Janet and Kirsten They weighed 77.0kg and 77.0kg respectively. They now weigh 74.7 and 74.5 kg respectively with the weight disadvantage them lost 3.8kg giving them a 2.47%. Kirsten is 9kg away from her goal and feels great he hasn’t felt this good about her in ages. And she feels confident in everything she’s doing, now. Janet admits that while it’s been a struggle she is closer to her girl now while Kirsten admits she can learn from the mum.

Gerald and Todd need to lose at least 4.9kg to be above the yellow line. They weighed 112.5kg and 81.8kg. They now weigh 109.3 and 78.7kg respectively, a loss of 6.3kg, or 3.24% putting them in first place. Todd is so close to his goal weight so he is ecstatic while Gerald Gerald says he’s broken the generational obesity problem in his family.

Robyn and Katie need 5.9KG to stay in the game can they do it?

They weighed 81.4kg and 99.0kg. They now weigh 77.4kg and 95.5kg. That’s a total loss of 7.5kg, or 4.16% putting them in first place

Robyn says it feels good to be in the final three but she feels they earned it. If they’d gone home eliminated that would have been okay because they’ve turned their lives around. Katie says it’s hard to see the differences week to week but seeing the picture on the AMP building really highlighted how far she’d come.  This means that Janet and Kirsten will face Gerald and Todd in elimination.

Since this is the last elimination there will be no short hand note taking here is in full the whole elimination transcript.

Gerald and Todd have never fallen below the yellow line; Gerald says that if he doesn’t get eliminated he poses a risk to them winning the $200,000 because he’s not going home to give up. He’s going home to work out hard. Todd’s very nervous because he’s not sure what will happen, but either way he’s going home with a smile on his face. They’ve done their best and changed their lives.

Richard says his decision is based on the best interests of himself and Amber because it’s a lot of money. Robyn says it’s got to cross your mind, would be a great start for Katie and would take the pressure off their life at home and their vote

Kirsten says they should be the team to be saved because Gerald is going to kill it on the outside. Gerald’s a machine and he’ll sleep in the gym.

Gerald says he’s hoping that it might come back to those times when Gerald and Todd kept blue and orange in the game by not voting for them at elimination. Richard says its $200,000, got to be thinking about that. Gerald asks if that’s how much his word is worth, then? Richard says his integrity is intact; he’s kept his word the whole game.

Richard’s suggesting orange would be taking a big gamble to keep green in the game. Todd suggests to Gerald to just leave it at that. Certainly doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of love lost there!

But Janet loves Gerald; she admires the green team so much. They’re so strong. Both teams want to be there and they’re all close to each other, so it’s a tough thing to ask them to do.

Todd says that if the other teams want a challenge when they go home for finale they should keep green in because they’re the push they need. But either way green or pink will go home with a smile on their face because look at how much they’ve done. Todd thinks they deserve to be there because they’ve been above the yellow line every week. But you never know what will happen.

Time to vote and Richard’s first to vote and he’s going strategic. For him and Amber to win they’ve got to go against pink, not green. So he’s voted out Gerald and Todd.

Amber’s always had a vision of her and Kirsten at the finale together, but Todd is literally the most beautiful fifteen years old she’s ever met. But she has to think of her best chance at winning so as much as it breaks her heart she’s had to vote for green.

Katie’s got to think of her best interests, too. But her decision has come down to something that happened a long time ago and if it wasn’t for the green boys saving her when she was up the wrong end she wouldn’t be there to make this decision

She’s actually voted for Kirsten and Janet.

Robyn has the deciding vote there’s $200,000 at stake and money changes everything. But she needs to be able to sleep at night… and so she’s voted to send Janet and Kirsten home!

Janet hugs Gerald and says they’ve just handed them $200,000 and Gerald says no, they’ve still got to do the work.

Janet and Kirsten have been eliminated, again. And Gerald and Todd are part of the final three.

Richard says he feels like Robyn and Katie have lied to them. Robyn says those boys saved her girl’s life. Richard says Robyn’s struggled her whole life, and she’s just given it away. Robyn says if she has to give it away she’s happy to do it for that boy and that man. But green deserve to be there. Robyn says once upon a time she would have taken the easy route but now she wants to win the money fair and square. They’ve got just as much chance of winning as green. They’ll be going hard at home with the support of their family and if they win, great. If not they’ve had a hell of a ride and can still sleep at night.

Amber says the light blue team will be going hard at home, too

Kirsten says they’ve learned a lot about each other, Janet says respect, and they’ve learned they’ve each got their own strengths. Janet says they might be going home but they’ve not been defeated. Time to say your goodbyes and we’ll see you at finale… very soon!

Janet says they’re going to be an active, happy, healthy family because that’s what she is, now. Kirsten says her whole outlook on life has changed now, she wants to exercise and be healthy, she feels good about it all, something she never thought she’d say of herself.

With that the fine finale is only hours away