The Block: Sky High Season Six – Cracks Begin To Form

The Block: Sky High Season Six – Cracks Begin To Form

We’re well into this competition now and people are beginning to lose it. Who will keep their cool and who will crack under the pressure?

Contestants are redoing rooms that were panned in the past. Matt & Kim have to change the ‘panic room’ and the effort they have to put into changing it is a lot and they find it hard to get out of bed. In fact, the only person that seems to be awake on The Block is one of Bec & George’s tradies. He goes to wake the couple up.

Matt is over rendering and the lack of sleep is also putting him in a bad mood. But he’s not the only one in a bad mood. Trixie and Madi are at loggerheads over design idea-similarity.

The tradies are at it again with the spreading of information. One of Johnno & Trixie’s tradies have let slip to Alisa and Lysandra that they are doing a timber ceiling. The twins are doing the same thing. Teschie, the tradie, denies everything.

Meanwhile, leaks on The Block are back as usual and water damages some of Matt’s floors. Not a good day! Luckily Kim is able to sneak off to do some garden shopping for her vertical gardens. Trixie is out buying rocks for her rock garden! Serene!

Back at The Block, Keith has to tell George yet again to clean up the scaffolding so they can prepare to take it down. It’s not a pretty conversation and leads George to storm off. Later, Keith tells Alisa & Lysandra to install a range hood for their barbeque and they fear it will screw with their design plans.

Later, George fails to heed Keith’s warnings and shuts down level three’s worksite.

Meanwhile, work is almost over for Jarrod & Madi, however to get all her shopping up to the fourth floor, she has to cart it up manually as no one is letting her use the lift. Later, Keith comes by and lets her use it!

The next day is the day before reveal. This should be fun. The twins had painted and oiled their room all night as the oil changed the colour of their roof and they had to change the colour of their walls. This doesn’t put them in a good mood, so luckily one Blockhead- Matt- is in a better mood today.

George is still upset about how Keith treated him yesterday, so luckily, Keith is on hand to give an apology. Everyone is in a good mood except the twins who are still not happy with the colour of their room. It will be a huge struggle to change it.

But now for something that really annoys them all- it’s CHALLENGE DAY!!! WOOOO! Luckily, all they have to do is use metal detectors to find the remaining SDB keys in the muddy carpark down below. This is because the safety deposit boxes are going!

The teams get to open any box they find the key for. They all get into it despite their initial hesitation, including Madi who finds it hard to break a sweat sometimes.

When all that fuss is over, it’s back to The Block for the final stretch of work!


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