Sunday Night July 7

Sunday Night has a compelling investigation on the  Family Court Murders this week.

Five bombings, two shootings, four murders, more than 60 injured….. only one prime suspect. The seven crimes known as the Family Court Murders are officially the worst series of unsolved serial killings in Australian criminal history.

Police believe all the deaths, all the horrific injuries, were caused over an innocent little girl at the centre of a custody battle. Chillingly, the bombings and the murders suddenly stopped when the prime suspect’s then seven year old daughter was handed over to him.

For 28 years the case, which terrorised and targeted the Family Court, the Jehovah’s Witness Church and a young mother and her family, has been in deep freeze. For all those years not one witness has been courageous enough to speak out….until now.


Just one man – ex-army, ex-fireman, crack shooter and expert ‘bushie’ – can be linked to all seven crimes – but despite years of surveillance he has never been charged.

He refused to answer questions at the police station, he invoked his right to silence when he was summoned to the Coroner’s Court, and he gave one interview almost thirty years ago denying involvement.


Now in this powerful Special Investigation, Sunday Night reveals new evidence that could blow the case wide open.

For the very first time in more than a quarter of a century all the main witnesses, including the prime suspect’s daughter and ex-wife, describe the events that rocked Australia for more than five years in the early 80s.

From the secret bush cave police could never find, to the Anglican Minister who believes he received a visit from the killer, Ross Coulthart’s exclusive report will have you on the edge of your seat up until the moment he comes face to face with the prime suspect.

  Sunday, July 7 on Channel Seven at 6.30pm.

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