MasterChef Australia Season Five – Wild West Elimination

It’s hot in the kitchen tonight as Christina, Totem and Rishi face elimination under Matt Stone’s watch. Who will fall at their sword tonight?

Today, they will face a service challenge. The restaurant is The Green House and it is owned by Matt Stone. They will have to feed all customers to the restaurant- and they will have NO help. They will be responsible for two dishes each and will get Matt Stone’s advice. The dishes on the menu are ox heart, mussels and sea vegetables, marron, roasted carrots, emu and mushrooms.

Totem wants to work with the mussels and ox heart. Christina will work with the Marron and carrots and Rishi will work at the emu and mushrooms.

They will have two hours to prepare before service. Christina’s marron and Rishi’s mushrooms have to be prepared in mise en place due to the fact they’re cold dishes. This leaves less time to plan other things in the planning time. They all generally do well to begin with as Matt Stone gives quality advice and instructions.

Totem does struggle a little bit about the quantities of what he needs. He also struggles to debeard all his mussels! As service begins, Christina starts to panic as she struggles to stick to the recipe. Matt Stone is pretty strict and he puts the pressure on pretty hard!

Totem is cooking his mussels by tossing the pan as he usually does at home, however Matt is unhappy that he is doing that as he’s removing too much heat. He’s right as they’re not cooking fast enough. Christina also drops a carrot on the floor and realises she’s been a bit of a princess of late.

Plates come back with uncooked mussels and Matt is not happy. Christina also hopes none of her ceviched marron is undercooked. Later on, contestants begin getting quite comfortable. Totem is happy with his mussels…until another uncooked plate comes back.

The judges begin tasting the dishes. They taste Totem’s dishes first. They want more sweetness and salt on their ox hearts. They do get cooked mussels and they are actually a hit. To Christina’s effort and they see that the marron dish looks quite different to Matt’s original plate. It’s also a bit undercooked. Gary calls the aioli oily. They are a big fan of the carrots and Gary calls the dish perfect.

Last is Rishi with his Emu and mushrooms. Gary calls the cooking of the mushrooms variable and it is a dish that needs seasoning. They’re a fan of the emu.

Service ends soon after.

It’s now time for the results. The contestant leaving MasterChef Australia tonight is… Totem!

And with that, fourteen are left to go into Heaven and Hell week next week!


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