The Block Sky High Money makes the Block go CRAZY

The Block Sky High Money makes the Block go CRAZY

Money makes the world go round but on The Block it’s the most important thing.

With a very limited budget all levels except level 1 are struggling for cash to complete the final 2 rooms in their Block experience. Jhonno and Trixie have the lowest amount of cash but she’s hoping her terrace will look amazing with very little spent on it. Madi is also catching up on her budget and is trying to chase up matt’s share of a tool she purchased in week 1.

The total of which is $150 and Madi would like it back to buy an IPad. Matt and Kim art that fussed saying she can wait till the end of the week. Alisa is shopping up a storm picking up little things for their room. Bec and George spent the morning looking at Lizard Island but to win they have to win the final week of reveal.

Alisa and Lysandra are elated that the will redo their first room. Matt and Kim are happy that they can change their panic room so the floor flows better.

Trixie and Jhonno have solved their tile problem by getting a discount from a supplier. Lysandra tries to keep her timber delivery under wraps due to it being part of a timber ceiling. Matt and Kim use their money vouchers to do their lighting. Alisa is finding some benches seats and table for their terrace. Upon returning to The Block its clear tension is still high after Alisa only does the shopping she is yet to get the lights. Money is so tight Trixie is going to sell the channel handbag she won a few weeks ago. Madi has been snooping on other floors trying to get an advantage. Trixie is concerned that she is sharing too much with the lower levels since they didn’t know about her TV and she’s not impressed.

Madi and Jarrod have to remove their fridge because of the walls are going to bigger Madi is frustrated with only 3 days to go. Trixie has sold her channel bag so she gets a bit of relief.

On level 3 Keith is looking for some timber and tom was seen cutting them in half and Tom denies it. As night falls Kim thinks she threw her phone in the skip bin but she can’t find it.

Bec really wants the holiday but before that can occur rooms have to be completed. Kim found her phone in Matt’s pocket. Madi continues to battle her budget. While the twins are flushed for cash. Jhonno plaster is running late and it’s holding madi’s terrace up as she can’t render until the drain is connected.

The celling heights on level 3 are short so they have to be shortened and all the plaster’s work has to be taken down if it’s not approved but luckily it is. Jhonno has good news for Madi he has got on to his plumber and it will be fixed by this afternoon. The twins have sold all there extra furniture to the same second hand dealer that won them the market challenge a few weeks ago and they pick up an extra $600.

The twins are planning vertical gardens but it turns out they arnt the only ones with Trixie and Madi also doing the same

On level 1 Lysandra hasn’t been in 3 days and her outdoor kitchen isn’t orginised and it’s all getting too much.

Matt’s on level 3 because his plumbing hasn’t been done and he is out on the alfresco area so tom goes off t him it turns out that is the 3rd time matt has gone onto their level this week. Kim isn’t happy either and it’s on next time tom goes off.

Trixie has found a cheap solution to store her vertical garden. She will be using green wall garden pockets. Jarrod is building his own bbq table.

The episode ends with Madi being worried about her furniture and Matt wanting out.


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