The Block Sky High Myer Challenge Concludes

The Block Sky High Myer Challenge Concludes

Yesterday the teams designed Myer shop windows now it’s time to sit in them and earn some money.

Everyone’s getting make over to match their outfits everyone can’t wait to get a makeover. Trixie and Jhonno are getting turned into Bogans. While Jarrod and George spend some time getting a spray tan. Levels 1 and 2 have teamed up to create a circus theme display windows. As they get turned into clowns Lysandra and Kim get some bad news the pony they organised to attract the crowds won’t be coming because it won’t fit in the window. Madi and Jarrod python has arrived but u need a permit to film due to legal reasons so they lose their draw card as well.

The winner of the challenge will be decided by the public who have been Scotty dollars and voting booths have been set up near each window and all money given will go back into the budget. The windows are raised.  Madi and Jarrod paint their window. Matt and Kim hadn’t thought of the amount of energy they needed. Bec and George found Trixie and Jhonno hilarious after an hour of entertaining of the crowds the curtains are closed and it’s time for the results.

Due to their effort Myer will kick in an extra $1000 to the winners.  The person with the least amount of votes is Trixie and Jhonno who had 38 votes and take home $740 the combined circus combo got $1110 each the winner who took home 3960 is Bec and George who are relived Madi and Jarrod pick up 2760 Bec and gorge end up with 4960 after the extra money has been added

A new day has arrived and everyone’s thinking of the holiday up for grabs. Bec is happy. On level 1 the twins are worried that they don’t have $150 for sand. Working together has taken its tool. Matt and Kim have got to work on fixing their fix up room. They are going to remove all paint from their crime scene room.  Bec and George are moving their sand to save money. On level 1 Alisa and Lysandra have a disagreement over Lysandra not pulling her weight and things get heated Matt and Kim are trying out new rendering techniques. Keith who is on their level isn’t happy about the mess on the floor. Matt gets a call from Keith because the platting group have left again because of it.

Jhonno and Trixie because they are on the top floor they have to paint the faicade and it has to be done in 24 hours so the gutters can go on.

Bec and George now have enough money to complete the terrace which will now include some couch a timber table and a bar. Trixie has caught up with, Madi and Jarrod and has revealed that they don’t have enough many to tile. She is feeling deflated cause there room will have nothing in it.

The twins are stressed and over it but they know they will get through it. There is a lot to do as night falls Trixie and Jhonno are the topic of discussion and if they will finish.

The episode ends with Lysandra considering going home