MasterChef Australia Season Five – The Ultimate Aussie Barbie

It’s the traditional Aussie barbeque…MasterChef style! And it’s going to send some of our Top 15 into elimination. But who?

Contestants are packing up and getting ready to head to the next challenge. They leave the comfort of the Crown for something…completely different. The bush! They’re at Kylagh Cattle Station for a ‘cattle battle’. The workers at the station will be moving their cattle to another station. The contestants have to cook a spread for 20 stockmen and women before the cattle reach their destination. They’ll also be cooking over an open flame. Lynton and Kelty are confident for this. Emma also has farm experience.

Emma & Lynton, due to their experience, are today’s team captains. Emma is red while Lynton is blue. Also on these teams are:

RED: Jules, Samira, Liliana, Neha, Daniel, Kelty

BLUE: Rishi, Totem, Pip, Christina, Vern, Noelene, Lucy

They will have access to a pantry, but they can only take 60kg worth of ingredients from it. They will have ten minutes in the pantry.

The blue team are making a casserole and some smoky ribs and prepare to make a dessert. They end up getting 62kg worth of food, but Gary lets them have it. The other team will also be allowed 62kg, but they go way over- 10kg more! They begin ripping things off but even that is a battle. In the end, they decide to drop dessert from their menu. Will it pay off?

Blue begin work on their casserole as it takes a long time to cook. The red team arrive at the cook site later on. They will be doing a variety of things, including sticky ribs, tomahawk, Middle Eastern porterhouse and an Italian stew with roast potato and some salad with damper.

The first disaster of the day is Kelty setting himself on fire. He’s alright, folks! It seems the blue team are the most stable at the moment. They have about an hour and 20 minutes left. Christina begins on a potato salad. Lynton wants her to cook the potatoes in their skin however Christina wants to do it traditionally. The boys are confused and soon enough, the sweet potatoes go stodgy and non-crisp. Christina is now regretting her way of cooking them.

The judges are so far happy with their progress. One hour remains. Daniel is on the steaks but Kelty offers his help. Seems Daniel isn’t all that keen. Rishi is now working on his sirloins on the blue team. There’s a yoghurt marinade on them but some of the contestants think it kills the dish. Meanwhile, the red team’s damper doesn’t turn out the way they’d hope.

For the dessert for the blue team, they’re doing an ‘apple crunch’. The red team also plan to do a dessert which includes a crumble which the girls inevitably burn. The blue team hit a snag when their steaks overcook. Bad, baaad Rishi! Daniel has better luck with his meat on the red team.

They all begin to plate up as the feast nears. The red team checks their disaster-damper which doesn’t get any less ‘disaster-y’, so they dump it. Soon, the cattle reach the station signalling the end of cooking.

To the tasting and the judges love the red team’s effort but the lack of damper annoys them. Gary also thinks the ribs are chewy. They love the diversity of the dishes. The farmers are equally as happy. The dessert is panned.

To the blue team. The judges like the use of vegetables. The stew is a hit. The potato salad is not. The ribs are let down by the flavour and the sirloin is overcooked. The dessert does a lot to rectify some of the criticism, but will it be enough?

The winner of today’s challenge is… THE RED TEAM!

That means the blue team will face a Wild West elimination tomorrow! However, not all of them. They have to choose which three of them face elimination! Woah!

The contestants chosen for elimination are Christina, Rishi and Totem.