Rafters ending Packed with resolution and opportunity

Rafters ending Packed with resolution and opportunity

Packed To The Rafters wrapped up last night closing the book of one of Australia’s favorite families .

Dave and Julie sold the iconic house to pay for Ted’s nursing home   and packed up the Kombi and took a trip around Australia with Ruby.

Carbo and Retta (Hannah Marshall) finally had something to smile about with Retta pregnant again. The couple were initially apprehensive. Retta’s earlier miscarriage was still fresh in their minds. Some reassuring words from their doctor allows the pair to be excited by the news.

Jake (James Stewart) made a surprise appearance next to Rachel (Jessica Marais) during a Skype conversation from New York. When the family asked if they were engaged Jake said ‘not yet’. Later, in the final montage, Jake slipped a ring on Rachel’s finger while watching TV.

Ted, battling dementia, has settled into the nursing home and in the final montage he remains happily chatting away to former flame Eleanor (Fiona Spence).

Ben (Hugh Sheridan) got his old job back at the Boat House. Nathan (Angus McLaren) made peace with Saskia, the mother of baby Edward. Nathan will have custody and Saskia will come to Australia as much as possible to visit.

Sammy (Jessica McNamee) has proved to be a strong friend for Nathan as he and Saskia negotiate their plans for Edward. And there’s the hint of something more in her friendship with Nathan.

Ben decided to stay in Sydney and move in with Nathan and baby Edward.

Coby (Ryan Corr) declared his love for Frankie (Brooke Satchwell) but at first it looked he would be rebuffed. Overcoming her fears, Frankie got a tattoo on her shoulder/upper arm of the artwork Coby painted for her to prove that she is committed to him and their future together.

Gary (the new Boat House chef) and Donna (Merridy Eastman) take the first tentative steps in their relationship.

Musician and taxi driver Matt (Jacob Allan) got the lucky break he’d always dreamt of when Molly Meldrum got into his cab. Matt gave Molly a copy of his EP.

Carbo was offered the job of his dreams selling old fashioned classic cars. Buzz (Ben Mingay) and Emma (Zoe Cramond) ended up together.
In the end though it proved there was space to see these characters again each week but  it was a fitting finale wrapping up most storylines.  But leaving the door open for a reunion.

Credit goes to news.com.au for the finale wrap up due to not wanting the last 5 mins with the Raters to be me note taking on the computer.


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