The Block: Sky High- Foyer and Guest Powder Room Reveal

The Block: Sky High- Foyer and Guest Powder Room Reveal

It’s been a week of pranks and celebrations but rooms must be delivered and the clock is ticking.

The twin’s aren’t hung over after their birthday drinks but Kim is and she’s not going to do much at all today. Johnno’s plaster started early to get out of the way of other trade’s today. All throughout the week we have heard about secret items for the foyers that teams hope will give them the winning edge Trixie and Jhonno hope their wallpaper works wonders. Madi and Jarrod have bamboo wall tiles; the twins are using a lot of timber. Matt and Kim are using the voucher they won from the challenge and Bec and George are using a piece of art but there is a problem. The framer has made it smaller but they already have recessed the wall. They try to get the framer changed back but they can’t so Bec picks up the artwork.

Everyone is working flat out but kind is still asleep and it’s 12:15. Bec is exhausted not just physically but emotionally as well but as some good news the plaster has managed to reduce the mount for the art. Jarrod has finished his wall and Madi is trying to pick a paint colour but can’t decide on one.

The girl’s mirrors and cupboards are almost in the twin’s room but it’s held up the builder and there panels. Going on the door skim his finally woken up and has started painting. Lysandra goes for a snoop on the other floors and thinks there’s is lame and they won’t make it. She is however unaware that mad and Jarrod are arguing over removing bits of timber from the wall.

As night descends on the block kind is back in bed despite having 14 hours sleep earlier today Madi and Jarrod are emotionally wrecked but have chosen a grey paint colour for their wall tiles. While Bec and George continue painting

With 4hours left till reveal Madi has decided to repaint the wall. The final dash is on to complete their rooms and they just manage to do it as tools down are called.

There has been a slight change for the judges this week with Neale out and John Mc Garth steeping in.

First up is Trixie and Jhonno shaynna loves the colour palette and the wallpaper she is disappointed by the pole though as it’s not eggplant. John loves the rug saying it goes with the mosaics but shaynna would have loved it to be more luxurious. The judges love the lighting.

In the powder room the judges love their attention to detail and high end appliance. But they don’t like the picture

Next up is Madi and Jarrod they don’t like the wall they call it poor lacking syfisitication and shaynna whole tell them to start the powder room has a better finish and john loves and calls it better than the foyer.

Bec and gorge leave the judges confused and call it cold and commercial saying it lacks comfort. The art piece gets lost and no one is grabbed.

The laundry has massive bench and its functional it feels expensive but its lacking a minor

Matt and kin have the wow factor with the art piece. Shaynna loves the extra storage.

In the powder room it is simple and they love the artwork.  The palate flows from the foyer and Shayna loves the simplicity of the room.

The twins are last to be judged this evening. The judges call the timber cub pods luxurious the girls have decent storage it’s classy.

In the laundry the judges say will appeal to the empty nesters.

Jhonno and Trixie are dressed as bananas for coming second last week. The couples have also achivied their 6th star. With 1 room reveal to go collective the group has scored more than any other block series

Here are their scores. The scores go from Darren, Shaynna and John for each contestant.

TRIXIE & JOHNNO: 8.5, 7.5, 7=23

MADI & JARROD: 7, 7, 6 =20

BEC & GEORGE: 7. 7, 6 = 20

KIM & MATT: 9. 7.5, 7 = 23.5

ALISA & LYSANDRA: 8.5, 8. 8 =24.5

This means the twins pick up $10,000 for the weekly room win. And everyone’s broke except the twins.


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