MasterChef Australia Season Five – Wild West Week Begins

Wild West kicks off tonight as the contestants head to Western Australia. Tonight it’s Fremantle and a fishy group challenge. How will people fare?

The contestants fly to Perth with some contestants getting to go business class! They head to Fremantle where the judges meet them. Tonight, they will be feeding fishermen at midnight. The winning team get to head into immunity tomorrow. They have to trawl on boats! Half a team go on the boats, half the team go shopping with a $200 budget. They will only have an hour to cook.

Here are the teams:

BLUE: Jules, Emma, Daniel, Samira (Captain), Rishi, Liliana, Pip & Kelty.

RED: Noelene (Captain), Christina, Totem, Lucy, Vern, Neha, Lynton.

They will have professional guidance along the way, Alex Kailis & Josh Catalano (from MasterChef 1).

For the blue team, Daniel, Emma, Kelty and Samira will stay on land while the others will trawl. Noelene will go on the boat with Vern & Lynton. On the trawler, they find out the fish ain’t biting so much.

Later, Rishi, Pip and Noelene suffer sea sickness. When time comes to bring up the net, most of the catch is just seaweed. The blue team get some prawns, whiting and scallops. The red team have more luck!

With little stock, the blue team wants to make it simple, however Samira has planned fish cakes, a scallop dish and all this other stuff. Not simple. The red team have so much fish that they have to complete the preparation of their fish on land. Noelene finds it hard to keep her calm. They have no idea how to cook their shrimp.

Soon, cooking time is up and it’s time for the guests to eat. They’ve made a heap of food! Even the blue team present million-dollar feasts.

The blue team begin their plating. The fishermen don’t really know what they’ve plated. They are fattoush salad, seared scallop, butterflied prawns, pan-fried whiting and deep fried whiting, soup and fried prawns. Gary enjoys the scallops while Matt loves the rice. He isn’t a fan of the fattoush bread.

To the red team. They have wok-fried prawns, grilled butterfly prawns, sautéed scallops, battered whiting, 2 minute squid, and fennel salad and roast potatoes. The prawns are a hit, except for the wok-friend prawns. The squid is also a hit for its tenderness. The red team has the more balanced menu.

Now, time for the results. The fishermen vote and the judges read them out. The winners with 21 votes to 9 are the red team!


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