Embarrassing Bodies Returns

Embarrassing Bodies Returns

Embarrassing Bodies is back on air in primetime. The show is now into its 6th season.

In the sixth series of Embarrassing Bodies the doctors reveal the damage caused by hedonistic over-indulgence in booze, sex and sun – from great events like Liverpool’s Brazillica Festival, the Love Luton Festival and the Bristol Balloon Fiesta to the heady heights of Magaluf holiday resort on Majorca. In this new series the doctors also set up innovative experiments and go behind closed doors to meet the unsung heroes of medicine who do the jobs most don’t have the stomach to tackle.

In episode one the doctors set up shop in the middle of the beach at Magaluf in Spain, ready to treat partied-out revellers for all their embarrassing holiday mishaps. Dr Pixie tackles some testicle trouble and Dr Christian meets a girl who needs a helping hand following an awkward sexual encounter. Dr Dawn educates holidaymakers about the horrors of a hangover, Dr Christian sets up his very own “Queasy Spoon” cafe to warn boozers of the perils of puking – and Dr Pixie dons her “beer goggles” to sell the safe sex message to those too drunk to use a condom.

Back in their clinic in the United Kingdom, the travelling medicos treat a host of new patients with problems from common complaints to conditions you have never seen before – and never want to suffer from yourself.

The shocking cases keep coming as Dr Christian meets a brave man who reveals the extraordinary hardship of living with half his face missing. And Dr Pixie helps a woman with abscesses on her groin and bottom that are causing constant pain.

Meanwhile Dr James is on call to treat every kind of dental disaster, and this week he sees a 32-year-old woman whose thumb-sucking habit is affecting both her teeth … and her boyfriend’s genitals.

Wednesday, July 3, at 9.30pm on Channel Nine.


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