The Block Sky High Double Blockbuster Episode

The Block Sky High Double Blockbuster Episode

It’s been a while since we caught up with The Block so to make up for it tonight we get a double dose of it.

The contestants are enjoying a nice long sleep in while trades work on their foyers and Jhonno has no idea what to do today. Yesterday Madi got in trouble by Keith for being the only one without an overflow in their sink madi question if all the other teams have overflows Keith is certain they do. This morning she is till stewing over it. And Keith’s over the mess on their level as well as Maid’s attitude too, Jarrod is working solo to save money and the work is piling up.

Jhonno has risen and their budgets not looking good but that’s the least of their problems when Bec comes to visit asking if there is a leak cause there is water everywhere on her window sill and its affecting level 4 as well. Madi is going to tell Keith he stuffed up since he mentions it all the time.

The leak occurred because one of Keith’s plumbers forgot to connect the main drain pipe. The plumber isn’t able to come in today. Madi tells him there will be paybacks he says to bring it. Due to not being able to work on their foyer without tradie help there is not much help so Lysandra and Kim have a girl day.  While get there hair down they choose to play a prank on Madi after her behaviour lately they look at setting up a fake challenge. After 7 weeks of being nice Keith has had enough he’s being hard on the contestants he calls Lysandra and Bec out for not completing their painting and matt putting cardboard down the rubbish chute and getting it stuck.

While get there hair done Kim and Lysandra type up a fake letter from Scotty asking Madi and Jarrod to take on camping in the park as a secret task to win cash for their budget. Upon returning to The Block the girls are feeling rejuvenated and Lysandra gets stuck into the painting. Matt a little bit stressed and isn’t coping well. He’s a little stressed because Kim hasn’t taken a table back to the store for a refund, in the end Kim leaves to take the table back so they don’t end up in a fight.

Matt has been working solo and he’s done his back While Madi finds the letter from Kim and Lysandra.

Night falls they set up their tent in the cover of darkness but that is not the end of the task every hour on the hour they must make animal noise which they do. After a while they gather quite a crowd and continue into the night. The next morning Scotty puts them out of their misery and brings them coffee. After explaining that over the last few weeks’ levels 1 &2 have had a pranking war the twins say they wanted to bring them into the fold and it was all just a prank she takes it in her stride but promises payback is a bitch and will be 10 times worse

The second episode begins with Scotty taking them to their next challenge Scotty takes the teams to see Laurie from history in a box. History in a box takes things we usually chuck into the bin and turn them into pieces of art Laurie’s advice is to just to keep it simple. The challenge today is this. The contestants will use things they find in the skip from the old motel which is now The Block.

Matt has to sit the challenge out due to his back so from his bed he talks to Kim about what she is making she has an old spring which she is going to cut and stick feathers in. matt sees the challenge from the balcony to look at what they are doing. Scotty is helping Kim construct her boxes while teams work without trouble. The winners will pick up a $5000 piece of art form a gallery. Despite not having much artistic flare the twins are going ok until the spill some grease inside the box. They choose to cover it with some paper. Bec and George have turned a fire hydrant into a tea set. Madi and Jarrod are still recovering from last night’s prank and they are stressed Madi has given jarred artistic control and he’s not happy. Trixie and Jhonno work without any problems and time is called.

Judging them today are the owner of mars gallery Andy Dinan and Laurie.

First up today are Madi and Jarrod who have taken the old switchboard from the lift and added a verticals garden to symbolise the old block meets new block. Laurie calls it interesting. Andy loves the idea and texture

George and bec’s tea set is next. The judges say there was too much going on but it was a good idea. Kim is next with her spring being interpreted as water pipe the judges love it.

Trixie and Johnno’s is very hard to describe but it’s like a little Lego man sitting on a bed of nails. The judges say it makes them want to dream

The twins are last and they created an old cinema the judges love their originality. In the end Kim wins the art voucher and its back to work Kim tells matt about the win and they are excited however some of the other couples think it’s unfair that Scotty helped out.

During the night someone has stolen Scotty motorbike so after Keith has pulled the security footage and wants lysandra’s advice. The best advice is to let the police handle it.

Jarrod isn’t happy after already being behind due to the girls camping prank he has discovered open tins of tuna on his kitchen cupboard. After all teams are questioned and they deny knowing about the prank. Madi and Jarrod discover that Keith did it so as payback Madi puts some of the tuna in his tool belt.

As night falls Jarrod is working through the night as he’s scrapping the floor. Madi asks him to stop but he continues.

The next day teams have struggled to find motivation to get up. On level 2 matt slept on chocolate and its everywhere while on level 3 Bec and gorge are stressed and tired and over budget.

The twins are trying to find the correct artwork for their foyer. After an hour George has finally returned from getting coffee and Kim has to clean there donna.

Keith is worried about the frescoed cause the trades cant finish platting the exterior and he’s not happy so all teams have to finish painting today.

Lysandra is visiting an artist for a piece for the foyer she is unclear about what she wants. Trixie is after a piece of timber to create a coat rack for the foyer. Lysandra has visit another artist she needs something that will make a statement.

Trixie and johnno are working on the pole and trying to get the colour out. While all levels 1 2 and 3 are painting the extiaror of the building. As night falls the twins have finally found an artist.

As another day dawns it’s the twins birthday and matt and Kim have brought them breakfast in bed and they are going out tonight. On level 4 Jarrod is overwhelmed by the amount of work he has left to do by himself. Madi isn’t that worried about it. On level 2 matt is taking a risk on getting the wall.

The twin’s builder gives them a gift basket for their birthday and organised a sleep in for the following day. While Scotty offers Jarrod a hand as his struggling. Keith comes into take scotty downstairs as the police have found his bike and he’s off for the day before he goes though he tells Keith that Jarrod needs a hand.

Gorge and Bec are on a mission to find all their finishing touches for their foyer as the twins receive flowers and chocolates. Kim has organised their birthday surprises they will be going to the local bar and then unbeknown to the twins will board Melbourne’s restaurant trams. The twins wanted something fancier then the local. Just as their artist comes through and creates a foyer [piece Matt and Kim have also found a new piece of art for their foyer.  Kim and Lysandra are going shopping for outfits.

Keith has discovered the tuna in his tool belt he comes up to give Jarrod a hand at hanging a door. While he helps out Madi and him call a truce to their pranking war.

Jarrod is having trouble deciding if his tiles should have a gap or not in his feature wall so he asks for Trixie’s opinion in the end he decides to go with a gap.

Before the girls have a night out they check in with their families and the episode ends with everyone having a nice night aboard the restaurant tram.