Reef Doctors Bumped To Eleven

Reef Doctors Bumped To Eleven

Lisa McCune isn’t having any luck of late… Reef Doctors the show which McCune stars in as well as being a a co-producer has been shafted to Eleven

The next Epiesode 3 will not play in the 9:30 PM time slot it was banished to tomorrow night. Instead it will take a more appropriate time slot for its family audience.6:30 PM Saturdays on Eleven

Dr Sam Stewart (Lisa McCune) is an accomplished doctor, running the remote Hope Island medical clinic, where she also conducts venom research. Not one for venturing onto the mainland, Sam is forced to lecture medical students at Mainland University to pay for a much-needed outboard motor.

Meanwhile, Rick and Freya are left to run the clinic and have to discover what caused a young patient to go into anaphylactic shock while juggling the relationship woes of the family involved. Although he didn’t get off to a great start, perhaps Rick is up for life on the Island after all.



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