House Rules Exterior Challenge Begins

House Rules Exterior Challenge Begins

We have done the insides of the house now it’s time to see what the teams can do on the outside.

Carly and Leighton as well as Jemma and Ben will take on Michelle and Steve’s house. While Michelle and Steve and Nick and Chris will go to Adelaide to do Carly and Leighton’s house.

Teams will only have 2.5 days to transform the front and back yards of each house as well as the exteriors of the house as always teams will be guide by the house rules

Steve and Michelle want a resort style entrance, a BBQ deck in the backyard, a memorial at grandpa chair as well as a fire pit. The teams also must decide if they want the front or backyard they decide to flip a coin in the end Jemma and ben get the front yard with Carly and Leighton taking the back

In Adelaide the teams must give a year round entertainment area create a secluded haven in the backyard modernise the front yard and extend the carport give them an outdoor cinema and of course decide their zones. They flip a coin also and in the end Michelle and Steve get the back yard with nick and Chris taking the front.

Nick and Chris are going to demolish the car port and have hedges around the side as well as car spot for Carly along with a picnic area. Michelle and Steve are putting a barbeque area with a dining area as well as the cinema. Before any ideas can come to fruition though teams must demolish the yards so they start with a blank canvas. Steve and Michelle will have a fire pit with a deck and make something special around grandpa’s chair. The chair and location are really sentimental to Michelle as it was where her dad sat before he passed.

Jemma and ben plan to have a Hawaiian garden and build a new carport along with an open entrance. While demolition is occurring someone hits water pipe but ben manages to stop it quickly.

Steve and Michelle are going shopping for a privacy screen and they find it while Nick and Chris are shopping at a nursery they decide to buy a bird bath and put plants in it.

In Sydney Carly and Leighton is going shopping for a new grandpas chair as you can’t sit on it and Carly feels the spot is more the memorial then the chair. They also find a huge fire pit.

Chris and nick are stressed but so are Michelle and Steve. Nick and Chris do their shopping on site while Steve and Michelle do theirs the old fashion way.

In Sydney Carly and Leighton are worried Jemma and ben have demolished their carport and discovered there is a creek behind the fence so they get rid of it and find there resort style entrance.

The boy’s driveway has almost been completed but out the back nothing is happening as Steve and Michelle are still shopping.

While in Sydney no one has organised any painters and there’s only a day left. Teams get on the phones but they can’t find anyone so it going to be a late night painting session.

Nick and Chris have almost finished levelling their deck when Michelle and Steve return the concrete has arrived and after putting all in place the boys call it a night. There’s going to be a long night ahead

To solve the problem of the painters Jemma puts an ad online and gets a few responses so Jemma and ben call it a night to plan

With 9 hours to go Jemma and ben painters have arrived and things are moving nicely.

In Adelaide the boys still have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in while Michelle and Steve are spray-painting the fence.

Jemma and ben are planting the plants including frangipani while Carly and Leighton now have some painters.  Grandpa’s chair has now been replaced with a new one with a plaque on the top.

With 5 hours left Nick and Chris update the corner post. Michelle and Steve love their maple tree and use it as a main feature

With under 2 hours left Carly and Leighton dismiss their painters as they were 2 slow and will just have to hand in without it being painted if need be.

The plants are causing a lot of problems for nick and Chris while the cinema is taking shape in the backyard along with the bonfire.

With 1 hour left all teams are laying grass and finishing things off eventually time is called and everything is completed except for painting the back of the house in NSW

It’s now time for the judging tonight they will be judged by Wendy Moore and landscaper Jim Fogarty. In Adelaide the judges call it a massive change. It’s a quite open space and they love the paving that doubles as an extra car space they would have not had a bird bath pot plant but the deck and new corner post are loved. The plants were expertly picked but they don’t like the furniture. To the backyard the judges love how the privacy screen doesn’t block out the sunlight they love the cinema and the space between plants.

Carly and Leighton love it saying their house is finished. In the backyard they are in shock that they have a cinema.

In Sydney the judges are amazed and love how you can see all the way through to the backyard they love the deck calling it open. They would have moved the frangipani to allow it to grow.

In the backyard the judges love the view and can’t wait to

They love the fire pit and the deck and how it slopes. Grandpa chair has both positives and negatives they love how it’s private but putting in pebbles near a drop is a problem. They notice the painting is completed and call it a mixed bag.

Steve and Michelle love the view and how they are in a resort. They love all of the back yard and appreciate that they kept the old grandpas chair and they love the plarquge

All 4 teams are now at home base for the judge’s scores Joh reminds us that there are still 2 exteriors to go.

Jemma and ben got a 7 from both judges giving them a total of14

Carly and Leighton got a 7 from Wendy and a 6 from Jim giving them a total of 13

Michelle and Steve got a 7 from Jim and 8 from Wendy giving them a total of 15

Nick and Chris got a 6 from Wendy and a 5 from Jim giving them a total of 11

At the end of the first round the leader board looks like this


JEMMA & BEN – 14



On Sunday night Nick and Chris and Jemma and Ben’s exteriors get a makeover and the final 2 will be revealed after a double elimination.