Sunday night June 30

Sunday night June 30

This week on Sunday Night There are Pandas, IVF  and Pink.


The Giant Panda draws huge crowds to zoos across the world – but the fact is the panda is on the brink of total extinction. Only 1506 remain on the planet and the message to mankind is clear: if we can’t protect the Giant Panda, no animal is safe from oblivion. Reporter Alex Cullen interviews Hollywood legend Jackie Chan about the last ditch battle to save these magnificent creatures, and Sunday Night is given unprecedented access to the isolated sanctuary where scientists are going to extraordinary lengths to breed perhaps the world’s most popular animal. It’s a very difficult challenge – the female panda is only in the mood around one night of the year. Despite the concrete and bitumen encroaching further and further into the panda’s natural habitat, these scientists are attempting to reintroduce captive bred pandas back to the wild. To give the project the best possible chance of success, and not contaminate pandas with human contact, they must dress in panda suits each day. Jackie Chan tells Sunday Night why saving the Giant Panda is so important, and why he’s already given $1 million and adopted two pandas. In 2009 Australia Adelaide Zoo became home to Wang Wang and Funi. So far they haven’t been able to breed, but they are about to undergo a radical IVF program – the final hope for saving the world’s last Giant Panda’s.

They captivated the nation in My Kitchen Rules and took out first prize. Now winning couple Dan and Steph reveal their heartbreak at failing to start a family. In this Sunday Night IVF special report, the couple reveals more details about their desire to be parents: how their first IVF attempt ended in devastating disappointment. Reporter Rahni Sadler reveals their new plans – and its happy news the couple can’t wait to share with Australia. While a new technique developed in Melbourne now offers childless couple’s like Dan and Steph a better chance of success, older parents undergoing IVF have come under intense criticism. Aussie golden girl Lisa Curry, a 51-year-old mum to three grown-up kids, announced she was clucky again and wanted another baby with her new partner – 20 years her junior. Lisa’s announcement brought lots of criticism, but she’s not the only older woman turning to science to become a mum. We meet a mum who gave birth at 57 and now says it was a mistake, and a forty-something new Aussie mother who’s just achieved her dream after more than 17 failed attempts. It’s a story that will divide Australia.

She’s the world’s sassiest pop star and she just can’t get enough of Australia. Days into her mammoth 46-show Australian tour, Pink gives Sunday Night the world exclusive first peek at the video for her new single, the Lily Allen duet True Love – see the fantastic new clip this Sunday before anyone else. The superstar singer also delivers a special message to her Australian fans from her backstage dressing room.

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