The Block Sky High Bathroom trouble

The Block Sky High Bathroom trouble

As a new day dawned on The Block the teams are feeling the pressure. Will one of them burst or will it be something else?

As the episode begins Jarred and Madi clear off their vermiculite with a floor scraper, which should make things go faster so he can do the gyprock and insulation which has just arrived.   Keith explains to everyone that due to the apartments being worth $100000 the whole building needs  to be sound proofed.

On level 3 Bec and Gorge’s plumber is double checking the pipes before covering them up and they have noticed a leak. To find the hole in the pipe they are going to use a camera so the concrete slab isn’t destroyed. While Matt and Kim have turned off their pipes so the plumber and builder can test the water pressure they find a problem. They are going to try and isolate it to make sure the unit is not the source of the problem.  They need to try and fix it without destroying the concrete slab. George is upset as this is going to set him back a few hours.

Meanwhile Johnno and Trixie’s son with special needs is struggling to cope with their absence so she gives him a quick call to check on him. Madi and Jarred have done ninety percent of their waterproofing and just need to put some membrane in above where the vanity goes and get Keith to sign off on it.

Meanwhile all the teams are with Keith as he explains that the lift is being replaced with a new one. For the time being they will share the builders’ lift with set hours so things need to be organised and the girls are freaked out.

On level 1 the builders discover that there is water leaking from the ceiling. They go upstairs and check everything but cant seem to find a problem. Keith sat down and talked to all builders and it has been decided that everyone will be getting new pipes. However this will set all teams back a while. The plumbers on floor 2 have to think of a way to get water out of the room. They need to do all of it in half an hour before noise restrictions kick in. Eventually they remove the bath, drill some holes in the wall and remove all the work they completed today, to make sure the room is revealed on time.

The next day all plumbers got in early so the block now has all new plumbing and work can resume. Johnno is about a day behind where he would like to be however his bedroom ceiling is well ahead and Keith is happy.

Gorge and Bec are behind in their ceiling but ahead on their bathroom, while the sisters are on track thanks to their builder. Jarred has to restart his insulation after Keith isn’t happy with it. Matt and Kim are yet to start their insulation which they have decided to do themselves to save money.

They encounter a few problems such as the piece of sheeting being too big, requiring cutting, and forgetting to put the glue on so they had to do it for a 3rd time. When Keith comes to inspect he makes them pull it all down as there is not allowed to be any gaps between the insulation and the ferry channel otherwise it wouldn’t be soundproof. Matt is upset.

Madi and Trixie go shopping for their linen while leaving the boys at the block to do things. They meet Alisa there who has no idea where to start, while Madi and Trixie do all of their shopping in half an hour.

Matt pulls down his insulation with the help of his builder and plumber while Kim goes with Keith to see how Johnno did his insolation correctly. All the insulation is taped down so all they have to do is put the boards on top of it. Matt agrees to do it that way.

Johnno also has Keith’s approval to make the doorways higher. Matt and Kim are still struggling to get the insolation up and they fall further behind so they call in the experts.

George didn’t listen to Keith and remove the vermiculite so they are having a bit of trouble getting the boards on. With some bigger screws and a bit of man power they get them up. Keith says it doesn’t look good.

Lysandra tripped over on the sidewalk and has a swollen ankle and chipped tooth but got the tooth fixed before going to the doctor. The episode ends with a light hearted discussion about Johnno’s moustache.


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