House Rules Season One – Episode 2

House Rules Season One – Episode 2

Last night’s episode didn’t set the world alight, but the teams are off and renovating! What are these guys going to do to Team WA’s house?

We’re back in Perth where the contestants have just over 4 days left to complete the WA house. The contestants find out that the base of the house is mostly sand, however on site supervisor Chester reassures them that concrete is on the way. The problem affects four of the five couples.

QLD’s Amy & Sean are the most novice renovators on the build and it is them who are affected by the sand problem the most.

The concrete finally arrives and the teams begin laying it down. For Amy & Sean, the laying will cost them $10,000 alone. Chester comes and confirms that it’s only $610. Hmm, OK.

Amy & Sean decide to draw ‘QLD Rules’ in one of team’s concrete base. Meanwhile, the homeowners, WA’s Jemma & Ben are very nervous as to what is going on.

Tasmania’s Jane & Plinio are working out some architecture for their bathroom and Jane shows her inner designer. Carolyn, the on-site designer, comes to assess Jane & Plinio’s plans for their bathroom. Yesterday, they bought a bathtub in the hope of doubling it as a shower. Carolyn is concerned about this, so Jane & Plinio change their tact, putting them behind.

Meanwhile SA’s Carly takes over the designing aspect of her bedroom. She is annoyed as she can’t do anything because Leighton is making plans without input from her.

Meanwhile, Steve is putting his OH&S hat on, to the chagrin of the brothers, Nick & Chris.

Later, an attempt to do some acid washing proves to be quite comical from Plinio and Jane.

The next day, the house is still a shell of its former self. There’s less than 4 days to go now. NSW’s Michelle & Steve are continuing to change their plans for the spare bedroom, now moving the entry from the front hallway to the back wall. Apparently, this will give them more floor space. Unfortunately, the new space for their door is now going on Nick’s feature wall. Steve and Nick squabble a bit before Nick caves in.

To stich them up, Nick puts some plaster over where Steve wants his door! Meanwhile, Amy is happy she has her booty room set up to bring in a tanning kit. Unfortunately, their supplier gets a higher offer and threatens to take it off of them. Sean confronts her and agrees to a higher price if it means it won’t go up again.

Jane & Plinio are told they forgot to put the sealant in their room after acid washing it. The sealant will take 8 hours to cure which means there cannot be any work until then. Luckily, they move things around so that lag time is taken into account. Unfortunately, Jane isn’t good at maths, and realises she hasn’t left enough time between the sealant curing and the tiler coming around, so Plinio scrapes off the acid wash.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Steve are back from shopping and see the plaster. Michelle is not happy. Later, she isn’t happy with the amount of dust being blown about. Steve decides to give them all a safety gear demonstration.

Meanwhile, Carly is STILL getting the raw end of the stick on the amount of jobs being delegated. She’s getting nothing, and she’s annoyed.

Meanwhile, Chris & Nick argue about their colour scheme for their kitchen. Nick wants all white and coloured furnishings, but Nick thinks it is too bland.

Outside, Jane has an awkward conversation with the gyprocker.

The clock just gone under the 3 day mark. Amy and Sean are feeling the pressure. They’ve realised they don’t have a lot of experience. Sean needs Amy’s help in measuring the plaster. She feels useless as she doesn’t know much. Later, she goes out for a breather and a cry after things get to her.

As the day ends, people begin complaining about the usual end-of-day aches and pains. At least these guys can call it a day. Nick and Chris are working well into the night in preparation for their tradies tomorrow. They’re still finding it hard to work together. The episode ends with Chris breaking their last piece of ceiling plaster.

We’ll see if all their work and bickering was worth it tomorrow night.


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